Because Africa’s democracy is relatively young, the term ‘good or better governance’ revolves around trial, error and building on what works. This post, by FFP Contributor Rebecca Roberts, seeks to explore possibilities and how such relationships could be harnessed for better governance system in Africa, drawing on Nigeria’s case with direct reporting from Lagos and photography from Nejeed Bello.
Citizens Participation for Good Governance in Africa
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Future Foreign Policy is the first International Affairs Think Tank, dedicated to giving a voice in Foreign Policy decision making to bright young people across the world. Through our engaging credible content, campaigns, policy writing competitions and events we offer fresh thinking on the challenges facing the International Community.

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Future Foreign Policy has just launched its new Research Channel looking at Radicalisation of Millennials and the impact of social media on recruitment to Terrorist organisations. We will crowd source ideas from our expert community, contributors and partner organisations to generate fresh thinking and new ideas on how to combat the challenge and create policy recommendations.
Millennial Terrorism Research
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Millennial Terrorism Research

Dr Katherine Brown: Young Western Women, Islamic State, and Radicalisation
British counter-terrorism officials estimates that by 1st March 2015 sixty women and girls had travelled from the United Kingdom to join the extreme Islamist Caliphate in Iraq and Syria. With much coverage of Islamic State in mainstream media focusing on the atrocities committed by its followers, particularly against women, there is genuine confusion as to why young women from the West would seek to join them. Answers tend to fall into two categories: the women are either mad, or bad.
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Ukraine Crisis Research

Future Foreign Policy's look at the crisis in the Ukraine with video, articles and recommendations on policy. With content from experts in the International Affairs space, alongside our own student and graduate contributors.

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Podcast Episode #2:
Social Media and Millennial Terrorism
Interview with Benoit Gomis, advisor to Future Foreign Policy, author of 'Counterterrorism: Reassessing the Policy Response' and expert in Counter-Terrorism & Drug Trafficking. This podcast looks at the challenges of social media and millennial terrorism.

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Hillary Stauffer Interview: Human Rights Implications of Charlie Hebdo

That Saudi Arabia, a Sunni majority is at loggerheads with Iran, a Shiite majority, is not news. The resultant effect of these differences is years of hostility punctuated with conflict. The simmering undercurrents have turned into open conflagration on occasion, and the latest proxy battleground for the two nations is Yemen.
Yemen: The new Saudi Arabia/Iran battleground
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