The lack of interfaith understanding and understanding of one’s own faith, is less explored than other causes of youth radicalisation, certainly by current scholarship, but could be a viable route to limiting youth radicalisation. A lack of knowledge of different cultures and faiths has the potential to lead to confusing the unfamiliar with the dangerous and the oppressive.
The Role of Interfaith Understanding in Combatting Youth Radicalisation
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Future Foreign Policy has just launched its new Research Channel looking at Radicalisation of Millennials and the impact of social media on recruitment to Terrorist organisations. We will crowd source ideas from our expert community, contributors and partner organisations to generate fresh thinking and new ideas on how to combat the challenge and create policy recommendations.
Millennial Terrorism Research
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Millennial Terrorism Research

Anthony Glees on Youth Radicalisation
For a young British Muslim to go off to be a jihadist butcher, or a sex-slave/jihadist bride, two things need to have happened. First they need to be radicalised and brainwashed. Then they need to be recruited to go off to Syria and Iraq. In my view, radicalisation of young minds is primarily (if not exclusively) a matter of education, which is not something our security community takes any real interest in...
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Ukraine Crisis Research

Future Foreign Policy's look at the crisis in the Ukraine with video, articles and recommendations on policy. With content from experts in the International Affairs space, alongside our own student and graduate contributors.

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Podcast Episode #2:
Social Media and Millennial Terrorism
Interview with Benoit Gomis, advisor to Future Foreign Policy, author of 'Counterterrorism: Reassessing the Policy Response' and expert in Counter-Terrorism & Drug Trafficking. This podcast looks at the challenges of social media and millennial terrorism.

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Hillary Stauffer Interview: Human Rights Implications of Charlie Hebdo

To coincide with International Women's Day on the 8th March - Future Foreign Policy is pleased to announce its new Women in Foreign Policy [WIFP] channel. WIFP is an organisation that was founded by our very own Lucie Goulet to empower and inspire girls and young women into a career in Foreign Policy.
International Women's Day:
Launch of the WIFP Channel
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International Women's Day & WIFP




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