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The race for the Arctic

Photo Source: Polar Cruises via Flickr Creative Commons.

Earlier this year Russia launched a programme for Arctic Development, with the overarching goals of developing infrastructure, and promoting science, technology and international cooperation in the area.

It is the latter point which is particularly salient as the arctic region has been an area for international negotiations in …

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How is the environment contributing to Syria’s troubles?

Photo Source: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office via Wikimedia Commons.

Syria has remained prominent in our news of the Middle East for a significant period of time, and with a recent suicide bomb resulting in more civilian casualties, tensions are higher than ever. Over 80,000 lives have been claimed, migrants have spilled onto neighbouring countries …

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Water and Intra-State Conflict

Photo Source.

In recent years, environmental causes of conflicts have emerged on the horizon of new global security concerns. In particular, in regions with major security concerns, water has become a resource that can define both state and human security. Increasingly, there are more incidences of conflict, either between states sharing a river basin, or …

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Geoengineering: the Need for Responsible Research

Bloody Fingers: the dangers of intentionally manipulating Earth’s climate. Photo Source.

Geoengineering is the intentional manipulation of the Earth’s climate.  Such a notion perhaps resonates with fans of science fiction thrillers and it may be of some surprise that it is a genuine emerging research area within the scientific community.

Plan B?

Despite its controversies, geoengineering has …

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Forests, Carbon and REDD+: The Ultimate Equalizer in Global North-South Relations?

Article by Michael Musgrave. This article was originally published on St. Andrews Foreign Affairs Review.

The deadlock between parties at international climate negotiations has ceased to be headline news; nevertheless, obstacles to any final, substantive agreement remain. The parties are divided between the bloc of nations with forests that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and …

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Nuclear Europe: Is enough being done to protect Europeans from a potential disaster?

The safety of nuclear power plants across Europe has recently come under scrutiny. Photo Courtesy of:

The potential threats surrounding nuclear science have been ebbing away at civilisation ever since the first atom was split. Of course, people didn’t have to wait particularly long to see the full extent of the destructive force on …

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The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind?

Offshore wind farm. Photo Source.

Parliamentary quarrelling spilling over to become front page news; the much delayed publishing of the UK Energy Bill; the clock ticking down to the US’ energy tax break decision; and rumblings of troubles in Germany and Denmark’s model programs.  It has certainly been a lively period for wind energy over …

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Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change: Who Cares?

Hurricane Sandy caused extensive flooding, damaging the homes of citizens and the investment portfolios of fund managers. Source: ABC News.

940 millibars sounds like a pretty small number, were it not for the gravity of its context in the wake of Hurricane Sandy last month. 940 millibars is the minimum central pressure …

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The Scramble for the Arctic

Article by Thomas Fieldhouse

Image courtesy of the US Navy, public domain.

The Arctic is under siege. Global warming is causing record melting of polar sea ice and thus the Arctic Ocean is becoming increasingly accessible to shipping and resource exploration. Resultantly, the five Arctic states, Canada, Russia, Denmark, the United States and Norway, are engaged …

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Land Use and Biofuels: is it just a case of food vs. fuel?

Biofuel derived from oil palm farmed in tropical regions is often unsustainable due to the indirect emissions it produces. Photo source: Property Malaysia.

Biofuels provide a stark irony in the list of challenges that burden the world today. With 9 billion expected inhabitants by 2050 and a warming climate, how we feed, house, and provide …