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Shell’s Quest for Oil is Going Cold

A Greenpeace activist demonstrating at one of the hijacked Shell petrol stations in London.

Highly polarised views are common in the environment sector. Set foot in a typical left-wing campaigns office and there will be any number of greenies so strict they would refuse a lift in an electric car for the …

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Soaring Ever Closer to a Climate Disaster

Photograph Source: The Guardian (Omar Torres/AFP/Getty)

The UK coalition government is a remarkably good political deal, at least for the politicians involved. The ability to blame all failed promises on the fact that their Right Honourable Friends didn’t promise it is more than convenient. Only recently did Nick Clegg feel safe to publicly apologise for …

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The Axis of Energy


With its vast reserves in natural gas, oil and coal Russia is the world’s largest hydrocarbons producer.  China by contrast is the world’s fastest growing consumer of these commodities…