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Trick or Threat? Terrorism in South Eastern Europe

The penetration of Islamic State in South Eastern Europe has been vastly exaggerated. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Terrorists perpetrate violence against innocent civilians aiming to achieve political goals. On balance, this politically motivated violence rarely brings the desired results to the individuals and/or groups exerting terrorist acts. This is so because national governments are reluctant to …

US Army armoured vehicles on Day 4 of NATO's 'Operation Dragoon Ride' – US Army Europe via Flickr
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NATO-Russia Security Dilemma

US Army armoured vehicles on Day 4 of NATO’s ‘Operation Dragoon Ride’ – US Army Europe via Flickr

With over a year having passed since NATO-Russia relations began their rapid decline following the Ukraine crisis, it appears that NATO and Russia are now engaged in a ‘security dilemma’. This term, often associated with the realist school(s) of …

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Democracy (Terms and Conditions Apply): The European Union and Nation State Referendums

The Current Situation in Greece. Photo source: Olaf Kosinsky via Flickr Creative Commons.

‘If the European Union applied to join itself as a country, it would be rejected because it is too undemocratic’.

According to The Independent, David Cameron plans to hold Britain’s EU referendum in June 2016, less than a year away.  A cross-party parliamentary group …

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Greece’s downfall – where did EU go wrong?

OXI – No (Greek). Photo source: Fee Plumley via Flickr Creative Commons.

In the aftermath of the events in Greece, pundits are beginning to provide their view on how Greece itself has created the numerous deadlocks, pushed itself into the current level of crisis, and should bear the brunt of the responsibility. It is true …

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Rainbow Marches and “Propaganda” Laws: Pride and Prejudice

Photo credit: Rupert Holland, Slaney Street. Retrieved from Networks23

On May 1 of this year, Russian LGBT human rights activists marched alongside their compatriots in St. Petersburg’s annual Labor Day parade. In a country famous for its draconian anti-LGBT legislation, agents of the Russian state—namely, the police—intervened on behalf of their LGBT nationals. When Vitaly …

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Establishing International Cyber Norms

U.S. Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command – Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class Corey Lewis , U.S. Navy via Wikimedia Commons

“I repeat that spying among friends is not at all acceptable against anyone, and that goes for every citizen in Germany.”

Angela Merkel

A statement that has resonated with me since the …

Are President Erdoğan's hopes for an executive presidency over? Photo Source: Government of Chile via Wikimedia Commons
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What next for Turkish foreign policy?

Are President Erdoğan’s hopes for an executive presidency over? Photo Source: Government of Chile via Wikimedia Commons

On the 7th of June, the people of Turkey stopped their President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his tracks. The message was clear: we will not tolerate an all-powerful president. As Marina Petrova has outlined for Future Foreign Policy, …

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Turkey’s Future: a discussion on the recent parliamentary election

What does the future hold for Turkey? (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Turkey safeguarded its democracy – this was the first and foremost remark after the results of the election were announced. However, when it comes to politics, change is always a tumultuous process – the lost majority of the main political party presupposes coalition building, which …

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin - via Wikimedia Commons
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Revisionist Russia: A generational conflict?

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Photo source: via Wikimedia Commons.

That Vladimir Putin was once hailed as a modernising President seems now like a bad joke. He has spent 15 years at the heart of Russian politics, including almost three full terms as President and two as Prime Minister. In this time …

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Is Cyprus ready for a solution?

Divided Cyprus. Photo Source: Golbez via Wikimedia Commons.

Despite a plethora of concerns about the successful resolution of the Cyprus Problem, the conflict has reached its ripeness and Cypriots are ready to open a new chapter in the island’s history.

A brief background on the Cyprus Problem

The island of Cyprus has been divided since …