Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), November 2011
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The Rhetorical Resurrection of the Commonwealth

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), November 2011. Photo Source: Annaleise McDonough via Flickr Creative Commons.

Born from a postcolonial climate in which Britain sought to maintain influence in its former territories, the ‘Commonwealth of Nations’ is, for some, a continued legacy of imperialism. Yet, for an increasing number of politicians, the Commonwealth now represents …

European development days
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Could the EU do more for international development?

Annual European development day – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland – via Flickr creative commons

In the last fifteen years the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have helped to raise hundreds of millions out of poverty. As the world’s biggest donor to overseas aid, the European Union has played a huge …

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The Future of Britain in the European Union

European Union Colours. Photo source: tristam sparks via Flickr Creative Commons.

In 2009, the European Union adopted its most important treaty in recent European history: the Lisbon Treaty. After eight waves of enlargements spread all through six decades, the European project had to evolve as it now represented more than 450 million people, dispersed throughout …

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The Internet in a Conflict Zone: Grass roots Peacebuilding across Ukraine

European Commission DG ECHO, Ukraine: Survival on the frontline, Flickr

Coverage of the Ukraine crisis focuses predominantly on geopolitics, conflict, and macro level diplomacy. While this is integral for understanding the conflict in an academic, strategic, theoretical and informing sense, a micro level focus is lacking. Indeed, local peacebuilding is often overlooked, and struggles to get …

David Cameron and Angela Merkel have begun negotiations.
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Where will it end: United States of Europe or United Europe of States?

World Economic Forum – Sebastian Derungs via Flickr

A far-left Greek Government is drastically pressing the European Union (EU) for economic reform, the United Kingdom is set to hold a referendum on whether its entire future should be in the EU or out of the EU and Ukraine’s membership of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) …

gender equality people image
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Gender Equality in the Czech Republic: the EU and its ‘Fancy Coat’

To what extent has the EU been effective in promoting gender equality in the Czech Republic, since its accession in 2004?

The extent to which the EU has fulfilled its pledge to spread and promote gender equality within its member states during the 2004 enlargement process is debatable. The case of the Czech Republic, a state that slipped …

The 'Peace line' in Belfast, representing reconciliation in an area with residents identifying as British or Irish respectively via Wikimedia Commons
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Ireland and the U.K. – Developments

The ‘Peace line’ in Belfast, representing reconciliation in an area with residents identifying with British, Irish and Northern Irish nationalities via Wikimedia Commons

It is intended to outline the current status of and advances in relations between the close neighbours of Ireland & the U.K. In recent weeks there have been two determining factors which represent …

Cameron speech
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Cameron Round 2: The next 5 years in British Foreign Policy

David Cameron. Photo source: Russell Watkins – Department for International Development via Wikimedia Commons.

David Cameron will not be remembered for foreign policy prowess in his first term. He developed a reputation in Europe for being bullish and detached. Arab allies have decried him and his allies’ abandonment of Libya. Commentators have criticised Cameron for …

HMS Queen leaving Malta
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Towards the Militarization of the Mediterranean Sea

HMS Queen, Flagship of Vice Admiral Sir Edward Rich Owen, Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean fleet, leaving Malta. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A series of events in the broader region surrounding the Mediterranean basin are suggesting towards an unprecedented increase in military presence. The old adage of the Mediterranean Sea being Our Sea (Mare Nostrum) is …