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Global food crisis proves we are fussy eaters

The food industry plays a big part in our planet’s future. Photo by Kate Holt/AusAID via Wikimedia Commons

The topic of world hunger is another entry in the long list of problems we are currently facing. Tackling it has been a priority for many governments and global organisations for a long time, yet we are …

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria
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Child Poverty Post 2015

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria

 The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is by nature progressive, to be built upon and scaled up. As 2015 draws close to an end, development experts globally are exploring new sets of goals. A more suitable approach may be tackling the challenges discovered and scaling up on MDG …

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Global disability: the silent epidemic

“Disability is a natural part of human experience that in no way diminishes a person’s right to participate fully in all aspects of life” [Schalock, p. 211]

Over recent years, major epidemics such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola and MERS have gained major media coverage and policy attention, to the extent that they are no longer …

A view over Kos Town to Turkey in the distance from the Asklepion (by JD554)
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Kos and its Refugees

A view over Kos Town to Turkey in the distance from the Asklepion (by JD554)

I have recently visited the island of Kos which, due to its close proximity to Turkey, has received an influx of refugees. Those in Kos are part of about 230 000 refugees that have arrived in Greek islands (of a …

Herero Dolls
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What is Peace without Justice?

Image by GregMontani / PixaBay (Used under a CC0 Public Domain)

Peace, without Justice, is no peace at all. Imagine that you are in a country where war has just ended. The leader of your nation before and during war was the one who orchestrated mass atrocities, and in the course of the war, has …

President Obama in Kenya
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Is US Foreign Aid Failing Sexual Violence Survivors?

US and Kenyan Presidents together in Nairobi, July 2015. Image available on Flickr.

A few weeks ago, US President Barack Obama visited Kenya, during which time he strongly condemned female genital mutilation, early and forced marriages, sexual assault and domestic violence against women. At the speech at a Nairobi sports center, 5000 Kenyans were loudly …

Old men of Portugal by Curtis Foreman (Flikr Commons)
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What to do about the “old bulge”

Old men of Portugal by Curtis Foreman (Flikr Commons)

This article will outline what the “old bulge” means and suggests some ways in which the challenges it presents can be dealt with by giving old people independence and allowing them to contribute to society.

The “old bulge”

Due to falling fertility rates and higher survival of …

Nigerian Police
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Change Builds on What Works

Osborne, Ikoyi

In Nigeria, the new government’s election campaign was centered on the idea of change as an event, as opposed to the reality of change as a process.

Three months into the APC led government, Boko Haram remains a challenge, the absence of a finance minister sees the Naira depreciating daily, suddenly,  its seems what …
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Wartime sexual violence: a gender issue in terrorist clothing

Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court speaking at closing plenary of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. Photo Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office via Flickr All Creative Commons.

“The body of a raped woman becomes a ceremonial battlefield; a parade ground for the victor’s trooping of the colors. The act that is played …

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Towards a Digitally Developed World

When countries talk of developing or pulling themselves out of economic stagnation the focus is generally on building infrastructure like airports, railroads, seaports and highways. It is easy to see why– these are visible symbols that are politically valuable and their creation stimulates jobs resulting in both long term and short-term economic gains. …