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The EU’s role as a partner for peace in Mindanao

Peace activists demand resumption of Peace – Morohistorywatch via Wikimedia Commons

The Mindanao Conflict is classified as a part of a group of distant forgotten conflicts hardly ever gaining coverage in Western media over the past decades. It is one of the oldest conflicts with its roots dating back to the early 16th century. The …

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Rainbow Marches and “Propaganda” Laws: Pride and Prejudice

Photo credit: Rupert Holland, Slaney Street. Retrieved from Networks23

On May 1 of this year, Russian LGBT human rights activists marched alongside their compatriots in St. Petersburg’s annual Labor Day parade. In a country famous for its draconian anti-LGBT legislation, agents of the Russian state—namely, the police—intervened on behalf of their LGBT nationals. When Vitaly …

School children in Colombia
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SDGs: Hunger, Health and Education

School children in Florida (Valle), in Colombia – Ministerio de Educación via Wikimedia Commons

As mentioned in the Zero draft of the outcome document for the UN Summit to adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda released on June 1st, the SDGs and the targets have to be considered integrated and indivisible, global in nature …

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International Relations dialogue and Sub-Saharan Africa: why the silence?

Education. Photo Source: Javier Corbo via Flickr Creative Commons.

A search on Google Scholar using the search term ‘Middle East’ returns 3.5 million results; ‘North Africa’ 2.9 million; ‘Europe’ 4.7 million. In contrast, a search for ‘Sub-Saharan Africa’ returns just 660,000, posing an important question for international relations scholars: why is there such …

Cummins College of Engineering for Women via  Wikiimedia Commons
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The Workforce and Women: Is it only a third world problem?

Cummins College of Engineering for Women via Wikimedia Commons

Women make up just under half of the world’s population and there has been a great advance in their rights. However, has it gone far enough?

The change in the job market has meant there has been a greater need for different skills, skills in which cannot be …

Elders in Afghanistan (Iain Cochrane, 2007)
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Old People in the Developing World: A Wasted Resource

Elders in Afghanistan (Iain Cochrane, 2007)

When old people in the developing world, defined by the UN as anyone over the age of 60, are considered by individual donors and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) they are, often, seen as “passive recipients of welfare provisions” with little to offer their community. The result of this mistaken belief …

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Turkey’s Future: a discussion on the recent parliamentary election

What does the future hold for Turkey? (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Turkey safeguarded its democracy – this was the first and foremost remark after the results of the election were announced. However, when it comes to politics, change is always a tumultuous process – the lost majority of the main political party presupposes coalition building, which …

European development days
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Could the EU do more for international development?

Annual European development day – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland – via Flickr creative commons

In the last fifteen years the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have helped to raise hundreds of millions out of poverty. As the world’s biggest donor to overseas aid, the European Union has played a huge …

African children, ludi via Wikimedia commons
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Africa: Its distorted image in the West

African children, ludi via Wikimedia commons

Many people tend to associate Africa either with images of war, conflict and poverty or with a beautiful landscape and an exotic wildlife. The part that lies between these two angles seems mainly to be forgotten: namely the ordinary life. As a result, it gives rise to the impression …