Eva Svoboda of the Overseas Development Institute
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Interview: ODI’s Eva Svoboda on Aid and Islamic State

Eva Svoboda of the Overseas Development Institute

Eva Svoboda, Research Fellow at the Humanitarian Policy Group of the Overseas Development Institute spoke to Future Foreign Policy’s Daniel Rey on questions arising from her IRIN/HPG Crisis Briefing Paper, ‘Aid and the Islamic State’, co-authored with Louise Redvers.

Daniel Rey: Eva, your recent paper analyses the gap in …

Blue helmets from Benin attend a funeral in honour of 2 Senegalese peacekeepers killed in Kidal, Mali last year. Photo Source: Mission de l'ONU au Mali - UN Mission in Mali via Flickr Creative Commons
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Peacekeeping in the United Nations: An Unequal Burden?

Contingent of Nepalese Peacekeepers arrive in Juba, South Sudan. Photo source: United Nations Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

The argument can be made that the United Nations is poorly equipped to deal with the complexities of social and political issues in the 21st century. Often fatal combinations of arduous bureaucracy and the Security Council veto have …

Gender and MDG's Infographic via United Nations Website
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Gender Goals for International Law in 2015

Gender and MDG’s Infographic via United Nations Website

2015 marks the end of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG). 8 goals were determined at the end of the 2000 UN Summit where all member states pledged to try and achieve these goals by 2015. The third goal saw the international community commit to pursuing gender equality …

Political South America
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Latin America Needs to Remember its New Middle Classes


Political Map of South America – CIA World Fact Book via Wikimedia Commons

When international media, organisations and governments talk of the middle class in the developing world, it is often prefixed with terms such as ‘emerging’ or ‘expanding’. In 2011, the World Bank announced that more of Latin America’s population were middle class than …

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The Future’s Bright; The Future’s Green. (Or at Least it May Be).

Is it too idealistic to believe that sustainable economies can lead to a more equal global society? Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is an increasingly consistent rhetoric among some leading politicians and policy makers that there is huge potential of green industries to develop and create jobs within green economies. This is of course an attractive …

If only it were that easy...
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Vive la Revolution? Think Again

If only it were that easy .Photo Source: mookiefl via Flickr Creative Commons.

There is something naïve about rejoicing at a revolution. Whether across the Arab world or in Ukraine, the fall of decadent regimes is met with euphoria. Euphoria and a tendency to forget that revolutions are often successions of failures, occasionally yielding something …

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Not another BRIC in the wall

The current leaders of the BRICS nations meet for their sixth summit in Brazil. Photo source: www.kremlin.ru via Wikimedia Commons.

In the ongoing search for a sustainable and successful model of international development, the focus is now on finding new partners to a more holistic, mature approach. Along with the private sector, regional actors and in …