Map of India's infamous "Red Corridor" of Naxalite activities; Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons
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Naxalites – Law and Order or Development Issue for India?

Map of India’s infamous “Red Corridor” of Naxalite activities; Photo Source: Hunnjazal via Wikimedia Commons.

The world’s largest democracy. Rising economic engine of growth. Science. Technology. Growing population. These are just some initial thoughts that come to mind when I think of India.

However, underpinning these globalization and modernization themes is the persistence of a Maoist-inspired …

Swiss prosperity
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Opinion: Towards Open Borders

Alpine horn players in Switzerland. Photo Source: Paebi via Wikimedia Commons.

Last month, Swiss voters passed a referendum to bring back quotas on immigration from EU countries, with 50.3% of voters voting in favour of the quotas. It caused a stir in Europe (Brussels said it ‘regretted the outcome of the vote and would examine …

Photo Source: Ron Mader via Flickr
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The Post-2015 Agenda and the Privatization of Development

Photo Source: Ron Mader via Flickr

‘Greed is good’ – those are the eternal words of Gordon Gekko from the 1980s Michael Douglas hit Wall Street. Lately, this catchphrase has been applied with increasing frequency to international development strategies. There have been a plethora of initiatives to get international business more involved in reducing world …

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Is it ever a good time to nationalise?

Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner announces the re-nationalisation of oil company YPF in 2012. Credit: via Wikimedia Commons.

It is almost commonly-accepted wisdom that undeveloped nations can be cursed by an overabundance of natural wealth. Scarcely a month passes without a new report or investigation decrying the corruptive effect of foreign extractive industry on …

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The Growing Problem of Slavery

Trafficking In Persons Report Map 2011. Photo Source: Wtmitchell via Wikimedia Commons.

To many, slavery is perceived as a problem of the past. Unfortunately this could not be further from the truth, as the Global Slavery Index estimates that there are 29.8 million people currently in modern slavery around the world, which amounts to the …

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Land Grabs – a Game of Grains?

Plowing family farmlands, Photo Source: kbomer via Wiki Commons

That water fountain in the library or aisle stocked with tens of brand named cereals is probably an aspect of your everyday life you take for granted – that they will just be there for your convenience and choice.

However, those seemingly ubiquitous items of water and …

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Developing Education Post-2015

Primary school children ready to learn in Cambodia. Photo Source: Flickr GlobalPartnership for Education/Natasha Graham, via Flickr Creative Commons.

Education is empowering. This year on her birthday, 12 July, Malala Yousafzai chose to celebrate with the world by addressing global leaders at the United Nations in New York. She called upon governments around the world …

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Aiding and Abetting Africa

Image courtesy of Gavin Coates, © 2013, some rights reserved.

Article by Justin McCarthy, written for and originally published by the St. Andrews Foreign Affairs Review.

At a time when the world seems wholly preoccupied with ongoing events in the Middle East, namely the ‘global war on terror’ and the ongoing crisis in Syria, China’s growing …