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Pressure Piled on the Garment Industry to Make a Change

Photo Source: Derek Blackadder via Wikimedia Commons.

Bangladeshi factory workers seldom seem to be out of the news; they have endured scandal after scandal. Most notably the Tazreen factory fire in which over 100 people were killed, the Rana Plaza factory collapse in which 1,210 people died and most recently where hundreds of workers were …

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Will the UK be the first post-developed nation?

The Riots of 2011 shocked the UK with images that had been thought improbable (Photo Credit: Urban Geographics)

As we enter the fifth year of the ‘Great Recession’ in the developed world, it has become more normal to question the ebullient Anglo-American economic model of the previous decade. Crisis is a natural breeding ground for …

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World Food Security

Photo: Lauren Everitt/AllAfrica

What is the implication of development targets concerning management, process, or outcomes? Today I’m going to briefly discuss this question with reference to the 39th session of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security. Ban Ki Moon in his videoed opening address noted the committee’s work towards “ensuring that all people …

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US and UKAID: Signed for

Spot the difference? USAID English, USAID Arabic, UKAID

Were you aware that that DfID’s approach to its branding bore such striking similarity to our American friend’s? The two organisations’ explanations for their visual strategies certainly speak volumes about their perception of aid and international development’s status and role within their nations.

With its new place, since …

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All Tied Up

Aid money has been “untied” for more than a decade but much of it still goes to UK companies. Image: Baserinia

The recent furore about the pay-packets recieved by government aid consultants masks a more ugly feature of UK aid policy, as the Guardian reported. Aid contracts have been ‘untied’, meaning that there is no …

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Money, Damn Money, and Development

United Nations Millennium Gap Task Force Report 2012. Focussing on MDG 8: Develop a global partnership for development.

I want to talk about the release of the UN’s 2012 MDG Gap Task Force Report. The story begins with the Doha Development Round in 2001 that started precisely the grand thinking and bold action that may …