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Syria and the United Nations Security Council

Chinese ambassador to the United Nations Li Baodong speaks after a vote on a new UN Security Council resolution on Syria. Photograph: Mario Tama/Getty Images.

Has Syria finally broken the United Nations Security Council?

The United Nations collective security system, brought into existence by the UN Charter in 1944, is the centrepiece of the UN system …

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The well-intentioned betrayal of South Kordofan

A Nuba family shelters from aerial bombardment in caves (Jeff Trussel, Enough Project).

The world watches the crisis in Syria, and desperately craves a peace agreement that might bring a halt to the hail of Russian-made armaments that rains destruction on civilian populations. It was only a year ago that such desperation finally brought an …

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Who Will Stop the Drones?

The drone wars rest on the inability of international legal bodies to innovate and to challenge power; it is caution and complacency that allows the international system to be so badly abused.