President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin - via Wikimedia Commons
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Revisionist Russia: A generational conflict?

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Photo source: via Wikimedia Commons.

That Vladimir Putin was once hailed as a modernising President seems now like a bad joke. He has spent 15 years at the heart of Russian politics, including almost three full terms as President and two as Prime Minister. In this time …

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Is Cyprus ready for a solution?

Divided Cyprus. Photo Source: Golbez via Wikimedia Commons.

Despite a plethora of concerns about the successful resolution of the Cyprus Problem, the conflict has reached its ripeness and Cypriots are ready to open a new chapter in the island’s history.

A brief background on the Cyprus Problem

The island of Cyprus has been divided since …

Members of the 89th Airlift Squadron train on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense techniques October 4, 2014 – US Air Force via Flickr
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Nuclearisation of the Middle East?

Members of the 89th Airlift Squadron train on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense techniques October 4, 2014 – US Air Force via Flickr

Recent developments suggest that the Middle East may be becoming increasingly “nuclearised”. Considering the region’s volatility, this is something that the international community has feared for some time. The extent of …

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The Internet in a Conflict Zone: Grass roots Peacebuilding across Ukraine

European Commission DG ECHO, Ukraine: Survival on the frontline, Flickr

Coverage of the Ukraine crisis focuses predominantly on geopolitics, conflict, and macro level diplomacy. While this is integral for understanding the conflict in an academic, strategic, theoretical and informing sense, a micro level focus is lacking. Indeed, local peacebuilding is often overlooked, and struggles to get …

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Finding Balance: The role of cyberspace in Russian ‘hybrid warfare’

Putin’s “Little Green Men” at the Perevalne military base.

During the period of decolonisation in the twentieth century, the global security community developed a binary system for analysing the conflicts taking place around the world both between and within nations. Wars were either high intensity and conventional or low intensity and unconventional. Conventional warfare …

Private contractors being used in Afghanistan. Available on Wikipedia:
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Nations Under Contract: Outsourcing Defence and Security

Private contractors used in Afghanistan. Available on Wikipedia.

Economists define defence and security outsourcing as the delegation to a private contractor of a service, a function or an activity that was previously realised within the government (J. M. Oudot, French Defence Ministry, 2013). With the recent sentencing of four Blackwater US security guards for the …

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The changing reality of resource-based conflicts

By Paul Farley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Conflicts are not a new phenomenon, and people have been fighting each other since the inception of humanity. The only thing that has changed are the size of respective forces, available technology, and the reasons for the conflict. There has never been a shortage of reasons, …

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Is EU Aid in Palestine a Violation of International Law?

Jerusalem – Cycling Man via Flickr


In March 2015 Israel demolished 200 EU aid funded shelters in East Jerusalem, predominantly housing those from the Bedouin community. These shelters are built as a result of one of many EU humanitarian aid projects, funded by member states, designed for the benefit of victims of natural disasters or …