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The Information Environment: Countering Extremism through Collaborative Information Operations

Discussing Information Operations, Richard Bumgardner via Wikimedia Commons

Joint military operations around the globe traditionally target the conventional capabilities and capacities of the adversary. Information operations (IO), behind the scenes, has always played an important role in support of those military operations. Since Desert Storm, it has been fully integrated with joint military command providing …

HMS Dragon crossing the setting sun during operations in the Middle East – L(Phot) Dave Jenkins via Defence Imagery
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Warships and Fishing Boats: EU’s ‘EUNAVFOR Med’ Libya Operation

HMS Dragon crossing the setting sun during operations in the Middle East – L(Phot) Dave Jenkins via Defence Imagery

The EU’s May 18th decision to use military force to tackle the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean is a significant development. The decision comes at a time of increasing pressure on Europe to act in the …

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Nuclear Weapons Should Now Be Consigned to History

Trident Nuclear Submarine HMS Victorious, UK Ministry of Defence via Wikimedia Commons

Concorde delivered a technological and engineering advancement. Retired in 2003, due to high profile crash and expensive outmoded technology, Concorde provided a lesson that should be adhered to by another advancement of the twentieth century – Nuclear Weapons.

Britain’s nuclear weaponry revolves around the …

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Legal History and Surveillance in a Modernising World

Magna Carta, King John of England and Barons uploaded by Pia Carrot via Wikimedia Commons 


2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta in Runnymede by King John of England. Although most of it has been repealed or amended, it introduced the Rule of Law, and this was the first major curtailment …

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The Ascendency of Lone-Actor Terrorists: An Unsolvable Problem?

Aftermath of the 2007 Glasgow ramming attack, Colin Campbell, Via Flickr

Terrorist attacks planned and perpetrated by lone individuals have become an increasing problem within western societies over the last decade. Whilst large-scale terrorist organisations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda will continue to pose a security threat, governments and their intelligence agencies will need …

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Who is ISIS really threatening?

ISIS Militant VOA via Wikimedia Commons


On June 10th 2014, Iraq’s second largest city Mosul, fell after merely four days in the hands of a barbaric and radical group: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). With their cold-hearted beheading videos, the world witnessed the rise of a new evil the Middle East did …

German KFOR troops patrol southern Kosovo in the Summer of 1999, Nick Macdonald via Wikimedia Commons
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EU/NATO intervention in Yugoslavia: Lessons learned?


German KFOR troops patrol southern Kosovo in the Summer of 1999, Nick Macdonald via Wikimedia Commons

The Yugoslav crisis of the nineties is considered Europe’s bloodiest conflict since WW2. The region still very much bears the consequences of the years of bloodshed which claimed thousands of lives, as the Balkan states still present severe social …

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Security after the Kiev Summit 27/04: Cooperation, Ukraine, and the European Union

Ukraine – EU via Wikimedia Commons

In February of this year Russian Leader Putin, Ukrainian leader Poroshenko, Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande work to reach the second ‘Minsk Agreement’, which represents an attempt to freeze the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. It’s most notable points called for an immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the …

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India’s Foreign Policy Overdrive

President Obama with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington – US Government via Flickr

It has been a year since a new government headed by Narendra Modi assumed office in New Delhi. Political pundits believe India has since done better at managing its external affairs than its internal affairs.  Foreign policy has figured prominently as a focus area …