RAF Typoon Aircraft in the Middle East
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East of Suez: Redux?

RAF Typhoon aircraft in the Middle East, Ministry of Defence via Wikimedia Commons.

In April 2013, RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) released a report detailing the outcome of a busy 2012 for the coalition government in the Gulf. It reported that David Cameron had agreed to a ‘Joint Defence Partnership’ with the UAE on the …

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Do Drone Pilots Really Find It Easier To Kill?

Predator UAV taking off, Cpl Scott Robertson/MOD via Wikimedia Commons

In Creech Air Force, Nevada, pilots sit in dimly lit cargo containers and fly drones. Via sophisticated video cameras attached to the underbody of the drone, pilots can watch over large areas of territory, identify potential insurgents, and kill them with hellfire missiles.

Distance in war …

Photo: Kevin Gordan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
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UK Election 2015: A Summary of Foreign and Defence Policy

Photo: Kevin Gordan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Although issues such as safeguarding the National Health Service (NHS) and the economy have dominated the current election campaign in Britain, each of the main political parties policies on Foreign Affairs and Defence are worthy of examination before 7th May. As the rise of Islamic State in the Middle …

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The Uncertain Future of Belgian Defence

A Belgian F-16, ironbirdphotography via Flickr Creative Commons


The Belgian Armed Forces is on an important crossroad that threatens its operational ability to be a highly adaptive and effective fighting force. The Belgian government late last year announced an unprecedented cut of 1.55 billion euros over the next five years to the defence budget. Rationalised …

A Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 aircraft at a base in Southern Italy during operations in Libya in 2011 – SAC Sally Raimondo via Defence Imagery
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What’s Missing In Military Intervention

A Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 aircraft at a base in Southern Italy during operations in Libya in 2011 – SAC Sally Raimondo via Defence Imagery

Beginning in the 1990s, the concept of military intervention became increasingly accepted as a means of upholding the new humanitarianism of a post-Cold War order in which states’ sovereignty would …

Jihadi John - Photo from Rod Ardehali's Article via The Telegraph
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A “Jihadi Johns” factory built in Europe

Jihadi John – Photo from Rod Ardehali’s Article via The Telegraph

ISIS appeared on the international scene as a natural disaster that no one expected and by which everyone felt shocked and demoralised. Terrifying shots of public executions and the beheadings of American journalist James Fouley and other captives have created an atmosphere of fear …

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The Battle of Libya

Libyan Militia – E. Arrott via Wikimedia Commons


The Situation in Libya and negative international response to the political and security chaos threatens the security of the Mediterranean and Sahara and its influence extends to Syria.

Oil and gas wealth were and still are the pillars of Libya during the Qaddafi regime and the current civil …

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The Emerging New World Order

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The rise of China is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, worrying and widely discussed topics in Foreign Affairs, and it will likely be the most important international relations story of the twenty-first century. Thus, in this article I will aim to give the reader a better understanding about the narrative that is out there about …