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Are US Sanctions Reinforcing the Government in Tehran?

A young women strolls past US Embassy Facade in Tehran – Adam Jones via Wikimedia Commons

Despite being one of the most sanctioned countries in the world, Iran still stands firm on their nuclear program. One simple conclusion from this is that economic sanctions don’t work as intended. In fact the constant economic pressures placed …

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Finding Balance: The role of cyberspace in Russian ‘hybrid warfare’

Putin’s “Little Green Men” at the Perevalne military base.

During the period of decolonisation in the twentieth century, the global security community developed a binary system for analysing the conflicts taking place around the world both between and within nations. Wars were either high intensity and conventional or low intensity and unconventional. Conventional warfare …

Private contractors being used in Afghanistan. Available on Wikipedia:
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Nations Under Contract: Outsourcing Defence and Security

Private contractors used in Afghanistan. Available on Wikipedia.

Economists define defence and security outsourcing as the delegation to a private contractor of a service, a function or an activity that was previously realised within the government (J. M. Oudot, French Defence Ministry, 2013). With the recent sentencing of four Blackwater US security guards for the …

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The changing reality of resource-based conflicts

By Paul Farley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Conflicts are not a new phenomenon, and people have been fighting each other since the inception of humanity. The only thing that has changed are the size of respective forces, available technology, and the reasons for the conflict. There has never been a shortage of reasons, …

David Cameron and Angela Merkel have begun negotiations.
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Where will it end: United States of Europe or United Europe of States?

World Economic Forum – Sebastian Derungs via Flickr

A far-left Greek Government is drastically pressing the European Union (EU) for economic reform, the United Kingdom is set to hold a referendum on whether its entire future should be in the EU or out of the EU and Ukraine’s membership of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) …

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Is EU Aid in Palestine a Violation of International Law?

Jerusalem – Cycling Man via Flickr


In March 2015 Israel demolished 200 EU aid funded shelters in East Jerusalem, predominantly housing those from the Bedouin community. These shelters are built as a result of one of many EU humanitarian aid projects, funded by member states, designed for the benefit of victims of natural disasters or …

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Gender Equality in the Czech Republic: the EU and its ‘Fancy Coat’

To what extent has the EU been effective in promoting gender equality in the Czech Republic, since its accession in 2004?

The extent to which the EU has fulfilled its pledge to spread and promote gender equality within its member states during the 2004 enlargement process is debatable. The case of the Czech Republic, a state that slipped …

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Denying Russia’s involvement in Ukraine to the bitter end [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The conflict in Ukraine is proving to be a long and draining one. It is a hard sight to stomach for the international community, but nowhere near as hard as it is for those in Ukraine, Luhansk and Donetsk. Despite the efforts to solve the crisis, …

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Building a more inclusive Iraq

“Iraqi voters inked fingers” – Jim Goodwin, via Wikimedia Commons

Contemporary Iraq embodies the consequences and legacies of the failures of the modern nation-building process in the Middle East, authoritarian patterns of governance, intervention, political miscalculations and misleading and often simplistic conceptualisations of Iraqi society. Over the past 12 years a new and unsustainable reality …