Cameron speech
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Cameron Round 2: The next 5 years in British Foreign Policy

David Cameron. Photo source: Russell Watkins – Department for International Development via Wikimedia Commons.

David Cameron will not be remembered for foreign policy prowess in his first term. He developed a reputation in Europe for being bullish and detached. Arab allies have decried him and his allies’ abandonment of Libya. Commentators have criticised Cameron for …

HMS Queen leaving Malta
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Towards the Militarization of the Mediterranean Sea

HMS Queen, Flagship of Vice Admiral Sir Edward Rich Owen, Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean fleet, leaving Malta. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A series of events in the broader region surrounding the Mediterranean basin are suggesting towards an unprecedented increase in military presence. The old adage of the Mediterranean Sea being Our Sea (Mare Nostrum) is …

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The Information Environment: Countering Extremism through Collaborative Information Operations

Discussing Information Operations, Richard Bumgardner via Wikimedia Commons

Joint military operations around the globe traditionally target the conventional capabilities and capacities of the adversary. Information operations (IO), behind the scenes, has always played an important role in support of those military operations. Since Desert Storm, it has been fully integrated with joint military command providing …

HMS Dragon crossing the setting sun during operations in the Middle East – L(Phot) Dave Jenkins via Defence Imagery
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Warships and Fishing Boats: EU’s ‘EUNAVFOR Med’ Libya Operation

HMS Dragon crossing the setting sun during operations in the Middle East – L(Phot) Dave Jenkins via Defence Imagery

The EU’s May 18th decision to use military force to tackle the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean is a significant development. The decision comes at a time of increasing pressure on Europe to act in the …

Secretary Kerry meets with Iranian Foreign Minister US Government work via Flickr
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US and Iran: Path for peace or cause for friction?

P5+1 Leaders stand with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif after the Nuclear Deal conference in Geneva Switzerland, US Government work via Flickr.

After sixty years of delicate relations between the United States and Iran, an agreed nuclear framework defended by President Barack Obama has produced a historic breakthrough. The deal will officially set the scene for …

Malala Yousafzai at the WOW 2014 festival in London; photo through Wiki Commons:
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Justice for Malala: A Girl’s Right to Education

Malala Yousafzai at the WOW 2014 festival in London; photo through Wiki Commons:

Malala Yusufzai was just 14 years old when in 2012 the Pakistan Taliban targeted her school bus and shot her point-blank due to her efforts to spread awareness of what girls faced in her home in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. The region, controlled by …

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Nuclear Weapons Should Now Be Consigned to History

Trident Nuclear Submarine HMS Victorious, UK Ministry of Defence via Wikimedia Commons

Concorde delivered a technological and engineering advancement. Retired in 2003, due to high profile crash and expensive outmoded technology, Concorde provided a lesson that should be adhered to by another advancement of the twentieth century – Nuclear Weapons.

Britain’s nuclear weaponry revolves around the …

Photo via Flickr Marc Nozell / 14 April 2007
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What would a Hillary Clinton administration look like for the Middle East?

Photo via Flickr Marc Nozell / 14 April 2007

When Hillary Clinton announced her entrance into the race for Obama’s successor in April this year critiques were quick to point to her age, gender and most significantly turbulent reputation as ex-secretary of state following the Arab Spring and Benghazi controversies. Conversely, her supporters herald Clinton …