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India’s Foreign Policy Overdrive

President Obama with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington – US Government via Flickr

It has been a year since a new government headed by Narendra Modi assumed office in New Delhi. Political pundits believe India has since done better at managing its external affairs than its internal affairs.  Foreign policy has figured prominently as a focus area …

Few Against Many, Protest in Egypt - Via Wikimedia.org
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Crackdown on Egypt’s Civil Society

Few Against Many , Protest in Egypt – Al Jazeera via Wikimedia.org

The Egyptian government suppressing civil society organizations (CSO’s) is nothing new. Ever since such organizations arose in Egypt, the authorities have used multiple intimidation methods to restrain their work and efficiency, on issues stretching from economic justice to women’s participation to human rights. …

A Landsgemeinde, or assembly, of the Canton of Glarus, on 7 May 2006, Switzerland by Adrian Sulc viaWikimedia Commons
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Should the UK be like Switzerland?

A Landsgemeinde, or assembly, of the Canton of Glarus, on 7 May 2006, Switzerland by Adrian Sulc via Wikimedia Commons

When we look at the British political system, British citizens would believe that we have one of the best systems. To an extent this may be true, however how much more can we as individuals do to …

Hillary Clinton speaking in Chicago, IL in 2006 - via WikiCommons
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A New US Foreign Policy? Hillary Clinton and the White House in 2016

Hillary Clinton speaking in Chicago, IL in 2006 – via WikiCommons

On 12 April 2015 Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her much-awaited candidacy for President of the United States in the 2016 upcoming elections. “Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion” she claimed on Twitter and simultaneously launched her campaign website the …

RAF Typoon Aircraft in the Middle East
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East of Suez: Redux?

RAF Typhoon aircraft in the Middle East, Ministry of Defence via Wikimedia Commons.

In April 2013, RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) released a report detailing the outcome of a busy 2012 for the coalition government in the Gulf. It reported that David Cameron had agreed to a ‘Joint Defence Partnership’ with the UAE on the …

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Do Drone Pilots Really Find It Easier To Kill?

Predator UAV taking off, Cpl Scott Robertson/MOD via Wikimedia Commons

In Creech Air Force, Nevada, pilots sit in dimly lit cargo containers and fly drones. Via sophisticated video cameras attached to the underbody of the drone, pilots can watch over large areas of territory, identify potential insurgents, and kill them with hellfire missiles.

Distance in war …

Photo: Kevin Gordan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
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UK Election 2015: A Summary of Foreign and Defence Policy

Photo: Kevin Gordan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Although issues such as safeguarding the National Health Service (NHS) and the economy have dominated the current election campaign in Britain, each of the main political parties policies on Foreign Affairs and Defence are worthy of examination before 7th May. As the rise of Islamic State in the Middle …

Trans Adriatic Gas  Pipeline  Map, Genti77 via        Wikicommons
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The changing landscape for Energy in Europe

Trans Adriatic Gas Pipeline Map, Genti77 via Wikicommons

During the last months major changes have been taking place in the sector of energy security strategy in the European continent. While the EU has adopted a framework for its energy strategy until 2030, quickly changing international developments have created a sense of urgency to act. Various …