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The application window for Future United is now closed. More information about our events programme and policy ideas will be available soon!

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Stopping the Post-Brexit Brain Drain

Britain’s economic welfare is heavily dependent on its trade within the EU. Indeed, it was principally for the economic benefits of being in the free trade area that Britain took up membership in 1973. Since then, the British economy has undergone transformation that has seen London rise to the summit of the financial sector. It …

Night, industry, rails (
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Brexit: an opportunity for industrial regeneration

Night, industry, rails (

The decision of the people of the UK to leave the European Union was somewhat unexpected and wholly transformative, one way or another. Political circumstances, including the scale of the democratic mandate, dictates that there can be no backsliding from ‘’Brexit’’. The challenge is instead to establish the path forward to …

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To stop young British voters being outvoted we need a new political choice

Edinburgh Students Protest in London (

Turnout amongst younger voters in the EU referendum was much lower than their parents and grandparents. The most generous figure for the turnout of 18-24 year olds was the LSE’s 64%. If accurate, it seems more young people were engaged by the question of Brexit than any recent general …

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The Nation-State Is Swimming Against the Currents of History

As Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan explains, the key tenet of the nation-state is its ability to protect its citizens. People, Hobbes surmised, are prepared to surrender their liberty in exchange for security.

Since Hobbes published his book in 1651, the established political unit for providing security has been the nation-state. But owing to the global evolution of …

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Too Early to Declare Nationalism Resurgent

As post mortems of Britain’s decision to leave the EU have emerged, a particularly compelling and convincing explanation of the result is the resurgence of nationalism.

Nationalism is a notoriously complex phenomenon, but it was perhaps best summarized by the philosopher Ernest Gellner as the “political principle…that the political and the national unit should be …


Only Boris Can Solve the ‘Boris Problem’

The appointment of Boris Johnson, as the UK’s new foreign secretary raised a number of eyebrows, with some going so far as to say his appointment personifies the United Kingdom’s diminishing influence on the world stage. However, in the days and weeks that have followed he has cut an altogether different persona to the frivolous, …


Brexit Should Spur UK to Progressive Education Policy


The Brexit vote has been perceived as a backlash to globalization, but one thing is clear: globalisation is not going away. If developed countries are going to weather the current populist storm, they need to start creating policies that respond to the downsides of globalization. Education policy is one place to start.

The globalised economy …


Following Brexit, the Northern Powerhouse Is More Important Than Ever

Stagnating wages, low productivity and the de-industrialisation of communities both across the UK and the developed world have happened not because of institutions such as the EU – which has spent decades investing in such areas – but because successive governments have followed a policy of neglect, failing to curb the excesses of global capitalism. …