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If the US Wants to Lead, It Must Pay the Price of Leadership

Petty Officer 1st Class Chad McNeeley via Wikimedia Commons

Recently, Republican politicians like businessman Donald Trump and Senator Bob Corker have criticized the disparities in defence spending between the US and its allies. On the other side of the aisle, President Obama has voiced similar concerns. He has called on other nations to share the …

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The Paradox of Global Cities

Global cities are becoming a more important part of international politics, but do our leaders fully realise their implications?  While states still hold military power, global cities are starting to siphon off economic powers, calling into question not only competing economic interests between global cities and their host countries, but also issues of citizenship and identity.  

Global …

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Sorry Brexiteers: Regional Trade Agreements Are Inevitable

President Barack Obama talks with European leaders before their meeting in Hannover, Germany, April 25, 2016. From left: British Prime Minister David Cameron, the President, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Sovereignty has become a battle cry for those campaigning …

Syrian Conflict
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Major Conflicts in 2015: A Year in Review

Syrian and Iraqi Refugees – via Wikimedia Commons

By Vanessa Thevathasan

With curtains closed on 2015, it’s time to look back at a year defined by political instability, violence and mass displacement of the likes not seen since the Second World War.

Old, familiar conflicts continued apace last year in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, …

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An Appraisal of Australian Maritime Strategy: Part II

Royal Australian Navy Frigate HMAS Anzac alongside a dhow – US NAVY via Wikimedia Commons

This post follows on from Part I to look at long-term and geographically dispersed Australian maritime strategies.

The importance of China

In East Asian regional security analyses, emphasis is often placed on the Malacca Strait between Malaysia and Indonesia as the main …

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Global food crisis proves we are fussy eaters

The food industry plays a big part in our planet’s future. Photo by Kate Holt/AusAID via Wikimedia Commons

The topic of world hunger is another entry in the long list of problems we are currently facing. Tackling it has been a priority for many governments and global organisations for a long time, yet we are …

Balogun market; the biggest market in west Africa!
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Will Nigeria Replace “the Oil curse” with “Agriculture curse”

Balogun market; the biggest market in west Africa

As oil price continues to drop, Nigeria is still struggling to stabilize the economy and could turn to biggest contributed to the GDP; agriculture to rescue the economy.Despite the dependency on oil, Nigeria is fundamentally an agricultural country, at least in terms of the population working on the …

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria
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Child Poverty Post 2015

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria

 The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is by nature progressive, to be built upon and scaled up. As 2015 draws close to an end, development experts globally are exploring new sets of goals. A more suitable approach may be tackling the challenges discovered and scaling up on MDG …

Wounded civilians arrive at a hospital in Aleppo. Photo source: Voice of America News: Scott Bob reports from Aleppo, Syria via Wikimedia Commons
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Syria: Are there any Options?

Wounded civilians arrive at a hospital in Aleppo. Photo source: Voice of America News: Scott Bob reports from Aleppo, Syria via Wikimedia Commons

It seems that not a day goes by without news of fresh tragedy in Syria. Reports have emerged that Islamic State may have been responsible for chemical weapons attacks, two years after …