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Ukraine: diplomacy is the only route to achieve security.

Barack Obama and Vladmir Putin at the G8 Summit (2013) – Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons

In this article we seek to examine the causes and consequences of why Ukraine has erupted into a civil war which is torn by identity politics in Crimea.  There is one significant factor that must be examined: diplomacy.  More …

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Global disability: the silent epidemic

“Disability is a natural part of human experience that in no way diminishes a person’s right to participate fully in all aspects of life” [Schalock, p. 211]

Over recent years, major epidemics such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola and MERS have gained major media coverage and policy attention, to the extent that they are no longer …

A view over Kos Town to Turkey in the distance from the Asklepion (by JD554)
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Kos and its Refugees

A view over Kos Town to Turkey in the distance from the Asklepion (by JD554)

I have recently visited the island of Kos which, due to its close proximity to Turkey, has received an influx of refugees. Those in Kos are part of about 230 000 refugees that have arrived in Greek islands (of a …

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Continuity and Foreign Policy

Obama and Biden – The White House via Flickr


In 2008, Obama entered the oval office full of hopes, his campaign promises had included a completely different approach to foreign policy than his Republican predecessor. Obama had seduced American citizens and the world with his clear opposition to the war in Iraq, his recognition of …

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What is Peace without Justice?

Image by GregMontani / PixaBay (Used under a CC0 Public Domain)

Peace, without Justice, is no peace at all. Imagine that you are in a country where war has just ended. The leader of your nation before and during war was the one who orchestrated mass atrocities, and in the course of the war, has …

President Obama in Kenya
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Is US Foreign Aid Failing Sexual Violence Survivors?

US and Kenyan Presidents together in Nairobi, July 2015. Image available on Flickr.

A few weeks ago, US President Barack Obama visited Kenya, during which time he strongly condemned female genital mutilation, early and forced marriages, sexual assault and domestic violence against women. At the speech at a Nairobi sports center, 5000 Kenyans were loudly …

Presidential Palace, Astana, Kazakhstan. Kluzniak, M. Flickr Creative Commons.
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Central Asia: Misconceptions and ‘The New Great Game’

National oil and gas company, Kazakhstan. Wikimedia

The original ‘Great Game’ refers to the 19th century power struggle between British and Prussian empires over Central Asia. At the time, when the Prussian empire occupied positions in the Eurasian heartland, H. J. Mackinder described the region as “the pivot region of the world’s politics”. However, after …

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Trick or Threat? Terrorism in South Eastern Europe

The penetration of Islamic State in South Eastern Europe has been vastly exaggerated. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Terrorists perpetrate violence against innocent civilians aiming to achieve political goals. On balance, this politically motivated violence rarely brings the desired results to the individuals and/or groups exerting terrorist acts. This is so because national governments are reluctant to …

US Army armoured vehicles on Day 4 of NATO's 'Operation Dragoon Ride' – US Army Europe via Flickr
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NATO-Russia Security Dilemma

US Army armoured vehicles on Day 4 of NATO’s ‘Operation Dragoon Ride’ – US Army Europe via Flickr

With over a year having passed since NATO-Russia relations began their rapid decline following the Ukraine crisis, it appears that NATO and Russia are now engaged in a ‘security dilemma’. This term, often associated with the realist school(s) of …