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The Good Neighbour

Collective European foreign policy has for the past twenty years revolved around the theory of “soft power” where strength originates from exporting culture, economic ties, and generally liberal tendencies.

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Who Will Stop the Drones?

The drone wars rest on the inability of international legal bodies to innovate and to challenge power; it is caution and complacency that allows the international system to be so badly abused.

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Schengen: the price of forgetting Europe’s foundation

The justice and home affairs council recently announced that it wished to amend the Schengen agreement in order to allow member states greater control of their borders. Add to this a seriously disgruntled European parliament and you know you are in trouble.

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Regional Partnership in a G-Zero World

With the ever increasing amount of global governance needed to tackle issues from climate change to global trade, who can show leadership when there is no clear global superpower that alone has the weight to influence negotiations?