Old men of Portugal by Curtis Foreman (Flikr Commons)
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What to do about the “old bulge”

Old men of Portugal by Curtis Foreman (Flikr Commons)

This article will outline what the “old bulge” means and suggests some ways in which the challenges it presents can be dealt with by giving old people independence and allowing them to contribute to society.

The “old bulge”

Due to falling fertility rates and higher survival of …

Crescent group of the disputed Paracel Islands. via Wikimedia Commons.
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Troubled Waters: Land Reclamation and Rising Tensions in the South China Sea

Crescent group of disputed Paracel Islands, 2008. via Wikimedia Commons.

The arena of a number of competing territorial claims – including from China, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan – the South China Sea is at the core of converging regional interests in the Asia-Pacific region. Encompassing an area through which 40 percent of the world’s …

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TNCs: Human Rights responsibility

Exxon Valdez Cleanup via Wikimedia Commons

Almost forty years ago, given the then recently discovered importance of transnational corporations (TNCs), UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) resolution 1908 (LVII) determined the need to negotiate a UN Code of Conduct of TNCs and created the United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations (UNCTC). The Code …

Nigerian Police
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Change Builds on What Works

Osborne, Ikoyi

In Nigeria, the new government’s election campaign was centered on the idea of change as an event, as opposed to the reality of change as a process.

Three months into the APC led government, Boko Haram remains a challenge, the absence of a finance minister sees the Naira depreciating daily, suddenly,  its seems what …

Protestors outside the  Supreme Court of the United States invoke the rhetoric of an existential threat posed to the United States (Courtesy of Elvert Barnes under Creative Commons Licence)
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Charleston & Foreign Policy: Obsession with Terrorism is Hindering Smart Policy

Protestors outside the Supreme Court of the United States invoke the rhetoric of an existential threat posed to the United States (Courtesy of Elvert Barnes under Creative Commons Licence)

I am an American. And, as an American, the process of tragedy, confusion, debate, politicisation, and condolence following mass violence should be all too familiar …


Separation of Sports and Politics is a Necessity

FIFA World Cup 2006 – ARG vs MEX. Photo source: Nahum via Wikimedia Commons.

Orientalism is a term that may not be familiar to those who do not study literary theory or international politics, yet its representations are viewed regularly by the masses. The concept, coined by Palestinian theorist, Edward Said, focuses on the West’s perception …

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Democracy (Terms and Conditions Apply): The European Union and Nation State Referendums

The Current Situation in Greece. Photo source: Olaf Kosinsky via Flickr Creative Commons.

‘If the European Union applied to join itself as a country, it would be rejected because it is too undemocratic’.

According to The Independent, David Cameron plans to hold Britain’s EU referendum in June 2016, less than a year away.  A cross-party parliamentary group …

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Greece’s downfall – where did EU go wrong?

OXI – No (Greek). Photo source: Fee Plumley via Flickr Creative Commons.

In the aftermath of the events in Greece, pundits are beginning to provide their view on how Greece itself has created the numerous deadlocks, pushed itself into the current level of crisis, and should bear the brunt of the responsibility. It is true …

Untitled. Photographer: Brian Elder
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Climate governance: time to think radically

Photo Source: Brian Elder via Flickr Creative Commons.

The United Nations was designed to protect states from imperialism. It was founded in the aftermath of the two great wars in the early twentieth century, and serves as an international framework to guarantee state sovereignty; making sure that each state stays within its borders. Its …