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Engaging Moscow: Removing Asad without civil war

With a tentative ceasefire agreement that is almost certainly doomed to fail, and amid the UK’s promises to increase its material support for the opposition, the international community’s stance on Syria appears to be moving irrevocably beyond diplomacy.

Blog / Europe

Social Woes in Pre-Election France and Europe

As France edges closer to a presidential election, the nation has come under the scrutiny of the political microscope. The examination has revealed scores of economic, administrational and cultural “tumours” within the government and society.

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Who is Really Running India?


It does not take a great political mind to know that western governments are falling over themselves to get closer to India, nor does it take one to realise why…

Africa / Blog

Africa in a New World Economy

The new forces at work are truly staggering: millions of people are being lifted out of poverty and economic growth is surging forward in Asia and Latin America. Africa too is in the process of transformation, with a burgeoning middle-class and in many places break-neck GDP growth.