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Africa in a New World Economy

The new forces at work are truly staggering: millions of people are being lifted out of poverty and economic growth is surging forward in Asia and Latin America. Africa too is in the process of transformation, with a burgeoning middle-class and in many places break-neck GDP growth.

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Poverty and Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation is the result of the interplay of a number of socio-economic factors and activities. Environmental changes can be driven by many factors including but not limited to economic and population growth, urbanization, intensification of agriculture and the usage of natural resources.

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Senegal's Election

For many observers and scholars of Africa, Senegal is to the old domains of France what Ghana is to the old British ones: a true example of a peaceful and successful nation. Boasting an unbroken line of elections since 1960 and an army that has never seized power, it is a country that takes pride …

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Defending The Falklands: The Grand Plan


As the 30th anniversary nears it is time to reassess not just the current tensions between Argentina and the UK over the islands but also what is being done, given the governments steadfast commitment to keeping the islands, to ensure their defence and long term future.

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The Axis of Energy


With its vast reserves in natural gas, oil and coal Russia is the world’s largest hydrocarbons producer.  China by contrast is the world’s fastest growing consumer of these commodities…