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Britain Must Heed Chilcot’s Lessons for Remote Warfare

The Chilcot Report may have been written with a focus on the conventional methods of war used in Iraq; however, the government must heed its warnings as the UK becomes ever more reliant on covert, remote means of warfare.

The Chilcot Report marked a landmark moment in addressing the problems with UK military strategy during the …

Balogun market; the biggest market in west Africa!
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Will Nigeria Replace “the Oil curse” with “Agriculture curse”

Balogun market; the biggest market in west Africa

As oil price continues to drop, Nigeria is still struggling to stabilize the economy and could turn to biggest contributed to the GDP; agriculture to rescue the economy.Despite the dependency on oil, Nigeria is fundamentally an agricultural country, at least in terms of the population working on the …

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria
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Child Poverty Post 2015

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria

 The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is by nature progressive, to be built upon and scaled up. As 2015 draws close to an end, development experts globally are exploring new sets of goals. A more suitable approach may be tackling the challenges discovered and scaling up on MDG …

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Citizens Participation for Good Governance in Africa

Ballot Papers – Source: Original picture from Nejeed Bello

For African governance, the most significant barriers blocking better governance remains corruption and poor service delivery. As indicated by the 2004 World Development Report, the relationship between citizen empowerment to actively participate in holding their government accountable and demanding for better has vital implication for better …

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High price, low benefit: Middle East and Africa as French image-making tools

Rebels in Central African Republic – hdtpcar via Wikimedia Commons


CAR, Mali, Syria, two years earlier — Libya; France became initiator of the military operation in Libya, actively providing ”Arab Spring” rebels with weapons and specialists, recognizing members of revolutionary committees as official representatives of Libya and Syria, sent troops to Mali to establish peace …

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The End of British Aid to South Africa: Cock-Up, Conspiracy or Correct?

British aid to South Africa will be phased out by 2015. (Photograph: AP/The Guardian)

The position of Secretary of State for International Development is considered by many as one of the cosier jobs in the British Cabinet. It was therefore a little surprising when the current holder of the role, Justine Greening, broke the mold …

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Rwanda, 19 years after the genocide

The Ndera hospitals treats victims of the genocide (photo: Swissinfo)

Rwanda commemorated the victims of its genocide last month. 7 April marked 19 years since the first 7 000 Tutsis and moderate Hutu politicians were killed by Hutu gunmen on the first day of the genocide. Over the following 100 days, an estimated 800 000 …

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Zimbabwe's New Constitution

Zimbabweans went to the polls in March to decide on a new constitution (Photo: Press TV)

After 33 years of political thuggery and economic decline under the rule of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabweans deserve a better government. Following a
referendum to approve a new constitution for the country, they may be taking tentative steps towards …

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The UK’s new international aid policy: in search of new markets

Whilst simple aid packages should remain part of the UK’s international aid programme, DfID still needs to adapt to the times by building trade links. Photo Source: AP/The Guardian.

In a recent speech aptly delivered at the London Stock Exchange, Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for International Development announced a shift in “DfID’s work …