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Troubled Waters; the Rising Threat of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Pirates in the Gulf of Guinea are more prone to violence because of their lack of need for hostages. Photo Source.

Deep water piracy appears to have found a new home off the coast of Africa. Whilst attacks in the Horn of Africa are decreasing, pirates operating in the Gulf of Guinea, which extends on …

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The West, Africa’s Islamist terrorists and the question of intervention

Mali’s military have not been able contain, let alone diminish the Islamist threat in the north of the country. Getty images,

We hear often enough about how globalisation is making the world increasingly interconnected, but for some, the rationale behind David Cameron’s commitment to send 330 British military personnel to Mali to support France’s …

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The Ushahidi mobile app (Photo courtesy of

Five years have now passed since the birth of the Ushahidi project in early 2008; when the contested election result in Kenya fed a climate of violence and misinformation, with reliable news sources having to leave the country, one newly-expatriated blogger’s website became the site of an …

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Ghana: Stability giving way to uncertainty?

Ghana’s President, John Dramani Mahama, has much to ponder on how to use Ghana’s new oil wealth. The Guardian, Christian Thompson/AP.

Having had 6 elections since military rule ended in 1992, Ghana is seen as one of Africa’s most stable and successful democracies. However, despite the perceived stability and political maturity of Ghana, the most …

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Mali: The Next Afghanistan?

Islamist groups roaming northern Mali claim to have recently taken control of previously Tuareg run areas. BBC News, AFP.

African Islamist groups harbouring anti-Western grievances are not a new phenomenon. However, the sustained advancement of militant Islamists across much of northern Mali is cause for growing concern. The announcement early this month by the Economic …

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Destabilising Security: Rwanda on the UNSC

Article by Walt Andrews

Image courtesy of Commonwealth Secretariat, © 2010, some rights reserved.

Rwanda’s recent election to the UN Security Council has raised eyebrows after allegations of Rwandan intervention in the DRC.

UN experts recently traced a rebel movement inside the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to Rwanda. While concerning in its own right, their …

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Julius Malema and South African Politics

Julius Malema is a controversial figure in South African politics. Photo Source.

Few countries have politics as dramatic as South Africa’s and politicians as controversial as Julius Malema. A powerful former head of the African National Congress’ Youth Wing, he was instrumental in organising President Jacob Zuma’s rise to power in 2009 following a meteoric …

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The Rainbow Nation’s not so sunny side

The recent killing of striking miners reveals South Africa’s entrenched societal problems. New York Times, Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters.

The recent miners’ strikes across parts of South Africa have revealed very clearly that all is not well in Africa’s ‘rainbow nation’. Whilst in the short term the deaths of 34 miners at the Marikana mine after police …