A Rusting Symbol of Integrity: The rapidly depleting Sierra Madre in the contested Second Thomas Shoal continues to be inhabited by Filipino Forces with Chinese vessels stationed only a few hundred yards away. USS Harnett County. Mdhennessey via Wikimedia Commons
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Communication Over Condemnation: The Unecessary Option of International Arbitration in the South China Sea Dispute


Nine-dotted line (highlighted in green) as claimed by the P.R China – US CIA – Wikipedia

Territorial disputes between China and member states of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the South China Sea are neither a novel nor infrequent phenomenon. Nevertheless, two incidents involving China with the Philippines and Vietnam respectively …

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Democratic Paradox: The Rise of Hifazat-e-Islam in Bangladesh

Protesters calling for death penalty for Jamaat leaders convicted in war crime tribunals By Nasir Khan Saikat (Own work, via Wikimedia Commons).

On May 6, 2013, protesters in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, were attacked by police, leaving 27 dead. This incident, described by some as a massacre and by others as a legitimate police crackdown on a violent …

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Democracy and the Rohingya

A house is torched during communal conflict in Rakhine state, Burma. (via The Irrawaddy)

By any measure, what has happened in Burma since 2011 has been an impressive series of steps towards greater political openness and inclusiveness. Aung San Suu Kyi, the long-suffering democracy activist, has been released; her political party, the National League for …

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India and China: Neighbours not friends

Photo Source: AFP/BBC.

They are the two countries tipped to be superpowers – with China being the world’s second largest economy (GDP) and India being the 9th largest economy (GDP). China has a population of 1.3 billion and India has 1.2 billion – together they make up 35% of the world’s total population. They share …

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Beyond the Pivot: a response

Obama and Xi Jinping/ Photo: REUTERS/Jason Reed

In the latest edition of Foreign Affairs Australian MP Kevin Rudd gives an insightful analysis of contemporary US-China relations and how it might develop.

Like the countless other academics and politicians predicting the future state of US-China relations, Mr Rudd recognises the primacy of the two countries in Asia …

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Embracing the Snake: The China-Britain Trade Relationship

David Cameron met with Xi Jinping in 2007.

In their own unique way of celebrating Chinese New Year, Number 10 last month uploaded a video to their YouTube channel featuring an enthusiastic David Cameron wishing the nation well, and calling for even better trade relations between China and the UK in the coming years. The …

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How to Fear the Dragon

China’s humiliation: much has changed since 1901 (Photo credit: The State of the Century)

The developed world stalls, and struggles to work out its future. In doing so, it looks judgementally at China, so determined to do everything differently. China’s difference makes it difficult to comprehend, and having so successfully embraced growth since the 1990s, …

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Between Rocks and a Hard Place

Wrangling over the resource-rich and trade route territories of the South China Sea (SCS) has gone on for decades. Rarely so substantial as to result in anything more than hollow victory and saccharine multilateral compact, altercations between the various claimants have failed to ignite any real moves towards resolution. Although ostensibly a forward move in …

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India's Security Crossroads

Article by Caitlin Brophy. This article was originally published on Asia House.

Image Courtesy of: REUTERS/Grigory Dukor.

In the near future, India may be forced to make an important decision. The choice will likely affect not only India, but the entire Asian continent.  The future of India’s national security policies is at a crossroads, with two …