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Kashmir and the Indus Dilemma: A Rivalry over Water?

Article by Marie Prudhomme

Image courtesy of Waqas Usman, © 2002, some rights reserved.

Kashmir has been a source of tension between India and Pakistan since the 1947 partition, after Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh, ruler of the Muslim majority state, chose to become part of India. His decision led to an Indo-Pakistani war in 1948 and …

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The Korean Presidential Elections: A Clash of Generations

Article by Yeji Moon Monda

Images courtesy of (left to right): Jinho Jung © 2010, some rights reserved; Mimacds © 2012, some rights reserved; Office of the Greek Prime Minister, © 2011, some rights reserved

2012 has been a crucial year for presidential elections around the world, with over 25 presidential elections having already taken place …

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“Get out of here, Filipino!” Chinese nationalism and the islands dispute

China last month experienced a wave of anti-Japan protests across the country. Photo source.

Territorial disputes arising over far off islets are nothing new and something that we know all too well in Britain, having gone to war with Argentina a mere thirty years ago over a small archipelago thousands of miles away. But we …

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Defining Democracy in South and Central Asia

Democracy is hailed among the highest of Western values; one that occupies our politicians’ speeches, their lawmaking and their foreign diplomacy. In South and Central Asian countries these convenient labels are applied as much as anywhere.

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Who is Really Running India?


It does not take a great political mind to know that western governments are falling over themselves to get closer to India, nor does it take one to realise why…