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NATO Missiles Sent to Turkey: But where is the EU?

Patriot missiles have been deployed by NATO to the Turkey-Syria border to defend the area. U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Maeson L. Elleman/released. Photo Source.

On the 4th of December 2012 NATO announced that they would be supporting the placement of missiles along the Turkey-Syria border, the deployment of which started at the beginning …

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Time for Britain to leave the EU?

It’s time to leave the club.

Supposing you are a member of a club with a membership fee which each year sets you back several billion. Now suppose your annual subscription fee has been rising year on year. It would seem wise to consider one’s future in the club. Of course most of us do …

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The Irish EU Presidency: Tús maith, leath na hoibre

What to expect from the next half-a-year of Irish Presidency? Photo Source.

The New Administration

It is a telling story that the EU presidency of Cyprus is about be over with millions of Europeans unaware that it had ever started. Similarly, Ireland’s period in office, which is to follow Cyprus in January, promises to be covered …

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Separatist Nationalism in Europe: The Springtime of the Regions?

Over a million supporters of independence took to the streets of Barcelona on Catalonia’s national day (11/09/12). Photo by Lluis Gene.

Europe is about to change. Both Scotland and Catalonia have set their sights on referendums concerning the question of cessation from their respective states, the results of which could challenge the dominance of the …

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Nuclear Fission: What is the Future of Nuclear Power in Europe?

Article by Alexandra Ellis

Image courtesy of Conxa Roda, © 2011, some rights reserved.

What is the future of nuclear power in Europe in the wake of Fukushima? France, the global leader in the production of nuclear energy, is likely to stand by its extensive nuclear industry. Germany, on the other hand, is eliminating all nuclear …

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Clinton and Ashton on a Revival Tour

Article by Alice Czimmermann

Image courtesy of European External Action Service, © 2012, some rights reserved.

In her last official trip before the presidential election, Hillary Clinton visited a region that she says is dear to her heart: the Balkans. During her four-day trip, Clinton encouraged the local states to stay on track with economic and …

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Kosovo and the Hard Road to Stability

Article by Rohan Kocharekar

Image courtesy of Richter Frank-Jurgen, © 2011, some rights reserved.

An Exclusive Interview with EUSR to Kosovo, Samuel Žbogar, on the main issues Kosovo faces on its road to independence.

It is 1989 and Yugoslav President Slobodan Milošević is beginning to remove Kosovo’s autonomous rights within the Yugoslav federation. Ethnic Albanian Kosovars, backed …

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Britain: ‘One Nation’ or New European Leader?

Article by Naomi Hanna

Image courtesy of World Economic Forum, © 2011, some rights reserved.

While the rest of the European Union celebrated the honour of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, the halls of Westminster were conspicuously silent on the matter. There can be no doubt that the EU has transformed Europe from “a continent of …