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Nobel Peace Prize: An opportune moment for reflection

Lifting the flag up too soon? Arab News.

It’s fair to say that the announcement that the European Union was to receive the Nobel Peace Prize fell on muted ears. As Thorbjørn Jagland announced the decision, shock amongst the attending journalists was clearly audible (as it had also been with the announcement of Barack Obama). …

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Charity Case: The human price of Spain’s economic woes

The People’s Party?: Despite government legislation designed to curb civil disruptions, popular demonstrations against austerity measures are becoming increasingly prevalent across Spain. An increasingly alienated Spanish youth remains at the forefront of protest. AFP, Dani Pozo.

On the 10th of October, the Red Cross in Spain started a national appeal for funds. This time, however, …

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From Tiananmen to Trade: the EU and China

Herman Van Rompuy flanked by José Manuel Barroso and Wen Jibao. FMPRC

China has come a long way since the years of Maoist isolation and have over the years proceeded to embark on a mission of greater public diplomacy. On such by-product of that mission is the annual China-EU summit that began in 1998. Its …

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The Good Neighbour

Collective European foreign policy has for the past twenty years revolved around the theory of “soft power” where strength originates from exporting culture, economic ties, and generally liberal tendencies.

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Schengen: the price of forgetting Europe’s foundation

The justice and home affairs council recently announced that it wished to amend the Schengen agreement in order to allow member states greater control of their borders. Add to this a seriously disgruntled European parliament and you know you are in trouble.

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European Scapegoats

A historical tendency which seems obvious enough is the fact that hardships and xenophobia go hand-in-hand. Europe’s historical past has a special tinge to it which puts it aside from its American cousins and that is the continent’s imperial past.

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Bienvenue Hollande…Bienvenue Turkey?

Following the election of Francǫis Hollande to the French presidency, Europe will not only see a change to its growth strategy but possibly a fundamental addition to its current membership.