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Social Woes in Pre-Election France and Europe

As France edges closer to a presidential election, the nation has come under the scrutiny of the political microscope. The examination has revealed scores of economic, administrational and cultural “tumours” within the government and society.

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Who is Really Running India?


It does not take a great political mind to know that western governments are falling over themselves to get closer to India, nor does it take one to realise why…

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Africa in a New World Economy

The new forces at work are truly staggering: millions of people are being lifted out of poverty and economic growth is surging forward in Asia and Latin America. Africa too is in the process of transformation, with a burgeoning middle-class and in many places break-neck GDP growth.

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Senegal's Election

For many observers and scholars of Africa, Senegal is to the old domains of France what Ghana is to the old British ones: a true example of a peaceful and successful nation. Boasting an unbroken line of elections since 1960 and an army that has never seized power, it is a country that takes pride …