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Gazprom’s 2015 Turning Point

Source: (Author: Samuel Bailey)

Gazprom, the Russian state oil and natural gas company, has once again come under intense scrutiny from the West. This time, the European Union is bringing antitrust charges against the oil and gas powerhouse.  The political relationship between Russia and the EU is already volatile at best; therefore, recent allegations against …

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The Ascendency of Lone-Actor Terrorists: An Unsolvable Problem?

Aftermath of the 2007 Glasgow ramming attack, Colin Campbell, Via Flickr

Terrorist attacks planned and perpetrated by lone individuals have become an increasing problem within western societies over the last decade. Whilst large-scale terrorist organisations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda will continue to pose a security threat, governments and their intelligence agencies will need …

Protestors march in opposition to the Free Trade Agreement, b.wu via Flickr creative commons
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The Colombian Free Trade Agreement: Exposing the Facade

Protestors march in opposition to the Free Trade Agreement, b.wu via Flickr creative commons

Colombia is a country on the rise. Lauded by the West as an example of how a country can overcome internal strife and civil conflicts by embracing neo-liberalism and free-trade capitalism, welcoming multi-national corporations, collaborating with the US against drug gangs, …

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Security after the Kiev Summit 27/04: Cooperation, Ukraine, and the European Union

Ukraine – EU via Wikimedia Commons

In February of this year Russian Leader Putin, Ukrainian leader Poroshenko, Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande work to reach the second ‘Minsk Agreement’, which represents an attempt to freeze the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. It’s most notable points called for an immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the …

Religion has been an active part of the crisis since Euromaidan
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Game of Patriarchates: Can religion bring peace to Ukraine

Religion during Euromaidan, Jim Forest via Flickr

On April 15th, 2014, the acting president Olexander Turchynov announced the beginning of an “anti-terrorist operation” in eastern Ukraine. A year has gone by and the conflict in eastern Ukraine continues to rage on, displacing thousands from their homes and bringing devastation to Ukraine’s industrial sites and urban centers. …

Photo: Kevin Gordan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
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UK Election 2015: A Summary of Foreign and Defence Policy

Photo: Kevin Gordan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Although issues such as safeguarding the National Health Service (NHS) and the economy have dominated the current election campaign in Britain, each of the main political parties policies on Foreign Affairs and Defence are worthy of examination before 7th May. As the rise of Islamic State in the Middle …

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A map of Ukraine, highlighting the Kharkiv Oblast and the City of Kharkiv.
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Understanding Kharkiv, Ukraine

A map of Ukraine, highlighting the Kharkiv Oblast and the City of Kharkiv – via Wikimedia Commons

Kharkiv*, Ukraine’s second largest city, is located in the eastern part of the country, only 25 miles from the Russian border. Although Kharkiv has had less of a presence in international headlines than Donetsk and Kiev, it has …

Industrial city, Donetsk
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Assessing the environmental impact of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Industrial city Donetsk, Vladimir Yaitskiy via Flickr 

The conflict in Eastern Ukraine reached a tentative ceasefire at the second Minsk agreements in February of this year, and yet shelling and military activity continue in Donbass and the eastern part of the country. Coverage of the conflict highlights the strange interplay between cultural and linguistic claims …