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Citizens Participation for Good Governance in Africa

Ballot Papers – Source: Original picture from Nejeed Bello

For African governance, the most significant barriers blocking better governance remains corruption and poor service delivery. As indicated by the 2004 World Development Report, the relationship between citizen empowerment to actively participate in holding their government accountable and demanding for better has vital implication for better …

The Post-2015 Agenda: Looking beyond the Millennium Development Goals via United Nations
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SDGs process: Where are we?

The Post-2015 Agenda: Looking beyond the Millennium Development Goals via United Nations


The Millennium Declaration, adopted during the Millennium Summit of the United Nations (UN) in September 2000, stressed the need of a global agreement and cooperation towards developing countries. The basic commitment agreed upon was to achieve the reduction of extreme poverty and set …

Jihadi John - Photo from Rod Ardehali's Article via The Telegraph
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A “Jihadi Johns” factory built in Europe

Jihadi John – Photo from Rod Ardehali’s Article via The Telegraph

ISIS appeared on the international scene as a natural disaster that no one expected and by which everyone felt shocked and demoralised. Terrifying shots of public executions and the beheadings of American journalist James Fouley and other captives have created an atmosphere of fear …

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Tunisia’s 3000: why have so many gone to join the Islamic State

Protests in Tunis, scossargilbert via Wikimedia Commons

Tunisia, often seen as the lone success story of the Arab Spring, has seen 3000 nationals go to fight for the Islamic State (IS). This is a thousand more than Jordan, which is closer, and five hundred more than Saudi Arabia, which is “a traditional jihadist hotbed with …

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Disrupting the process of radicalisation via legislation to prevent young radicals leaving to fight for ISIS?

Written by Professor Helen Fenwick, University of Durham

The recent tendency of a small number of young radicalised Muslims to travel to Syria or Iraq to fight with certain extremist groups, including ISIS (estimated at 500, see on BBC has led to a change in counter-terror law and policy). This piece considers the very wide range …

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The Emerging New World Order

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The rise of China is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, worrying and widely discussed topics in Foreign Affairs, and it will likely be the most important international relations story of the twenty-first century. Thus, in this article I will aim to give the reader a better understanding about the narrative that is out there about …

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Youth Radicalisation in Yemen

Men, women and children protesting against the Presidency of Ali Saleh in 2011. Al Jazeera via Wikimedia

A relatively ancient land, Yemen has been a time capsule for Arabian values, culture and ingenuity for over two thousand years. However, the current crisis in this war torn state has had a massive effect on its entire …

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Criminal or Victim? The Law Has Decided.

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and Youth Radicalisation in Britain


The nature of the terror threat posed to the UK has changed over the past year. The call to jihad has led to groups like IS and Al-Shabaab gaining fighters from all over the world. In Britain, considerable media and political concern has arisen from …