Industrial city, Donetsk
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Assessing the environmental impact of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Industrial city Donetsk, Vladimir Yaitskiy via Flickr 

The conflict in Eastern Ukraine reached a tentative ceasefire at the second Minsk agreements in February of this year, and yet shelling and military activity continue in Donbass and the eastern part of the country. Coverage of the conflict highlights the strange interplay between cultural and linguistic claims …

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The EU And Energy Security

Major Russian Gas Pipelines – Sam Bailey via Wikimedia Commons

This year the crisis in Ukraine has threatened EU gas supplies and along with this the recent drop in oil prices has threatened member nations’ resolve to move away from fossil fuels towards more sustainable and self sufficient energies. The crisis in Ukraine has particularly …

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Ukraine in the Making

EuroMaidan in Kiev, 1 December 2013. Source: Ilya via Wikimedia Commons

A little over a year from the start of the protests in the Ukrainian capital’s Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), the Ukraine crisis has not yet ended. The country is still torn between East and West in a fight against pro-Russian Rebel forces and, with …

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Digital diplomacy during the Ukraine crisis

Protests in Kiev’s Independence Square. Photo source: Ivan Bandura via Flickr Creativecommons

Ukraine’s pro-European protest movement has been shaped by social media. Facebook and Twitter tracked the path of protestors and provided a mouthpiece for their demands. The digital  #EuroMaidan movement did not merely report on-the-ground developments, but actively influenced them. Future protest …

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Geopolitics and Ukraine

The map showing the Heartland area from Mackinder’s 1904 work ‘The Geographical Pivot of History’. Photo source: Halford J. Mackinder. Original uploader was Marc-king at nl.wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons.

Media coverage of the on-going Ukraine crisis regularly refers to geopolitics. Whilst the term is often misused as a synonym for geography, and the theoretical background …

IAF Sufa Fighters fly in formation over Israel. Photo Source Israel Defense Forces via Flickr Creative Commons.
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Ukraine: An Israeli Problem?

IAF Sufa Fighters fly in formation over Israel. Photo Source: Israel Defense Forces via Flickr Creative Commons.

The Ukraine crisis has redefined the established parameters of international politics and upended the rational expectations of the West; prior to February it was unthinkable that Russia would resort to military force to protect its foreign interests in …

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Ukraine and Jus Ad Bellum: Past Application and Future Trajectory

Military base at Perevalne during the 2014 Crimean crisis. Photo Source: Anton Holoborodko via Wikimedia Commons.

Article 2(4) of the UN Charter prohibits states from using force in their international relations. Though the laws governing the use of force are convoluted, especially as a result of state practice in this arena, this starting point for …

Source: Mstyslav Chernov/Unframe via Wikimedia Commons
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Ukraine: a nation divided

Photo Source: Mstyslav Chernov/Unframe via Wikimedia Commons.

Last week, images of opposition protesters clashing with government forces in Ukraine, and the bloodshed and carnage that followed dominated television screens and newspaper front pages around the world. 88 police officers and protesters were killed, and this escalating violence culminated in the national parliament voting to remove …

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