Future Foreign Policy White Paper


FUTURE FOREIGN POLICY, is a UK based charity & the first independent International Affairs Think Tank solely dedicated to giving a credible voice to young people in global politics.

Our goal is simple. We help the UK Government to connect with digital native millennials and emerging technology experts to better inform existing decision makers about the challenges and opportunities that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Drones can bring to international affairs. At the same time we proactively prepare young people to be the thought leaders of the future. We do this by fostering fresh thinking and new ideas and bringing a strong understanding of technology to foreign policy decision makers.

Through this mission, we believe we can help to bring about a better informed, more democratic and more effective decision-making process in international diplomacy, to help the world keep pace with the rapidly changing global environment and become more prepared for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

This white paper is a snapshot vision of the future, the types of activities Future Foreign Policy will undertake to deliver our strategic goals and an opportunity to showcase some of the ideas teams of young people have prepared over the course of the last year for our national competition Future United – through our open innovation events, foreign policy hackathons and workshops.

This has been a melting pot of great ideas from existing foreign policy institutions and organisations, university students and academics, young professionals and leading-edge technology experts.

We hope this will serve to be the start of an exciting new step for the future of foreign affairs in the UK. It will help to inspire and incubate new national and international organisations dedicated to solving long standing challenges, bringing new ideas and concepts that can drive UK global leadership and help to deliver the international ambitions of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy.

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