Future United : The Foreign Policy Competition


The application window for Future United is now closed. Register to attend our Foreign Policy Hackathon on July 1!

After the seismic political events of 2016, the United Kingdom’s role in the world is shifting. Fresh thinking – and a voice for youth – is needed more than ever.

Now, Future Foreign Policy, the first International Affairs Think Tank dedicated to giving young people a credible voice on the global stage, is pleased to announce the launch of our national policy hacking competition, Future United. Future United will bring together young people from across the UK, connecting them with decision makers, technologists, innovators, social entrepreneurs and industry experts to discuss and examine a credible vision of the UK’s future place in the world.

Unlike other policy competitions, Future United aims to not just generate new ideas but, by facilitating cross-sector collaboration, to kickstart action with concrete strategies for government, business, civil society and other institutions.

In a series of workshops and events throughout the year, Future Foreign Policy will bring young people with together with a range of experts to develop new policy ideas across three themes, Future Trade, Future Security and Future Democracy.

These themes have been selected on the basis of their prominence in the debate surrounding the UK’s future relationships with the world.

The competition will also consist of the below key events (follow the links below for more information during the competition about the three themes):



Read more about our first event, the Open Innovation Weekend, held on March 31-April 1 in London.

Each event, held in central London, will foster a collaborative environment where new ideas and opportunities are developed alongside industry experts and innovators to provide exciting yet credible visions for the future of international collaboration.

By creating a competitive competition with excellent ideas, we hope to redefine the way young people, experts, decision makers, technology innovators and social entrepreneurs can disrupt, innovate and collaborate to create a better world.