Open Innovation Weekend

FFP Editorial


As part of the first step of Future United, students and young professionals from across the country gathered in London on March 31-April 1 for our Open Innovation Weekend.

The weekend began with scenario building, examining possible futures for the UK and global politics and the challenges and opportunities each possibility presents. Participants then moved into identifying specific issues of security, democracy and trade to explore further, and formed teams tasked with examining each of these.

Throughout the two days, expert speakers also helped the participants with presentations on the latest future trends and hands-on involvement with scenario building.

Through the diverse scenarios and myriad challenges covered, a key point emerged: whether people are sceptical of the future or excited by new possibilities, the status quo is no longer an option. With the UK and the world in the middle of a period of rapid change, it is an important time to be reconsidering the country’s foreign policy, its place in the world and how to think creatively about how a new generation wants to shape it. Importantly, the discussions at the Open Innovation Weekend were able to move beyond current political divides to identify areas of consensus and take a realistic look at options for the future.

The teams will now build proposals to bring to our Foreign Policy Hackathon in June, where innovators, technologists, social entrepreneurs and foreign policy experts will help them refine their ideas and create strong ideas to present to companies, international organisations and government.

More information on the topics and the Open Innovation Weekend is coming soon!