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Britain Must Heed Chilcot’s Lessons for Remote Warfare

The Chilcot Report may have been written with a focus on the conventional methods of war used in Iraq; however, the government must heed its warnings as the UK becomes ever more reliant on covert, remote means of warfare.

The Chilcot Report marked a landmark moment in addressing the problems with UK military strategy during the …

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Does Blair Deserve the Blame for Iraq?

The much-awaited Chilcot Inquiry, published on 6 July, was ultimately anticlimactic. It confirmed most of what we knew already: that the Iraq War was misguided and poorly handled. Condemning the aims and methods of the war, the faulty intelligence that provoked it, and the lack of strategic plan for its aftermath, Sir John Chilcot presented an …

Syrian Conflict
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Major Conflicts in 2015: A Year in Review

Syrian and Iraqi Refugees – via Wikimedia Commons

By Vanessa Thevathasan

With curtains closed on 2015, it’s time to look back at a year defined by political instability, violence and mass displacement of the likes not seen since the Second World War.

Old, familiar conflicts continued apace last year in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, …

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The changing reality of resource-based conflicts

By Paul Farley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Conflicts are not a new phenomenon, and people have been fighting each other since the inception of humanity. The only thing that has changed are the size of respective forces, available technology, and the reasons for the conflict. There has never been a shortage of reasons, …

Local Justice and Reconciliation: Participation in mato oput ceremony in Acholi. Photo credit: Erin Baines/Justice and Reconciliation Project
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Hunted for a decade for acts of ‘unimaginable brutality’: Dominic Ongwen’s trial by the ICC seems justified, but will it bring justice?


Justice through Reconciliation: Participation in mato oput ceremony in Acholi. Photo credit: Erin Baines/Justice and Reconciliation Project

LRA Commander Dominic Ongwen’s surrender in January was portrayed as a long awaited step towards ‘justice’. The Lord’s Resistance Army has terrorised vast swathes of the Great Lakes Region for over twenty years killing thousands, displacing millions and …

Courtesy of BehBeh, via Wikimedia Commons:
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China-Japan Tensions Need to be Taken Seriously

Photo source: BehBeh via Wikimedia Commons.

The violent response in Vietnam to Chinese and Taiwanese businesses after China began drilling for oil in disputed maritime areas is just the latest in a long line of skirmishes and rising tensions in East and Southeast Asia. Where these concern the bilateral territorial disagreements between China and Japan, there is …

Vladimir Putin
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Understanding Russia

Vladimir Putin. Photo Source: via Wikimedia Commons.

On 18th of March, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech to Russian parliamentarians, putting forward his case for why he is supporting Crime’s choice to join the Russian Federation. His speech was passionate and at times emotional, pushing the right buttons that touched the souls of many …

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