Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria
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Child Poverty Post 2015

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria

 The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is by nature progressive, to be built upon and scaled up. As 2015 draws close to an end, development experts globally are exploring new sets of goals. A more suitable approach may be tackling the challenges discovered and scaling up on MDG …

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Towards a Digitally Developed World

When countries talk of developing or pulling themselves out of economic stagnation the focus is generally on building infrastructure like airports, railroads, seaports and highways. It is easy to see why– these are visible symbols that are politically valuable and their creation stimulates jobs resulting in both long term and short-term economic gains. …

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Citizens Participation for Good Governance in Africa

Ballot Papers – Source: Original picture from Nejeed Bello

For African governance, the most significant barriers blocking better governance remains corruption and poor service delivery. As indicated by the 2004 World Development Report, the relationship between citizen empowerment to actively participate in holding their government accountable and demanding for better has vital implication for better …

Image: Indian and Chinese flags merged. Image source: Simeon Scott via Wikimedia Commons
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Insecurity and popularity contests – Food, India and China

Image: Indian and Chinese flags merged. Image source: Simeon Scott via Wikimedia Commons.

Have you noticed? Food security is a trending topic at the moment.

On the one hand, nations and their chief negotiators await the end of the summer break at the World Trade Organization (WTO), and start to talk openly about strategies, after a …

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The End of British Aid to South Africa: Cock-Up, Conspiracy or Correct?

British aid to South Africa will be phased out by 2015. (Photograph: AP/The Guardian)

The position of Secretary of State for International Development is considered by many as one of the cosier jobs in the British Cabinet. It was therefore a little surprising when the current holder of the role, Justine Greening, broke the mold …