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Stopping the Post-Brexit Brain Drain

Britain’s economic welfare is heavily dependent on its trade within the EU. Indeed, it was principally for the economic benefits of being in the free trade area that Britain took up membership in 1973. Since then, the British economy has undergone transformation that has seen London rise to the summit of the financial sector. It …

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Brexit: an opportunity for industrial regeneration

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The decision of the people of the UK to leave the European Union was somewhat unexpected and wholly transformative, one way or another. Political circumstances, including the scale of the democratic mandate, dictates that there can be no backsliding from ‘’Brexit’’. The challenge is instead to establish the path forward to …

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Young People Need More Politics in School

Making domestic and international politics a key component of secondary education would improve political engagement of young people in the UK.  


Politics should become a mandatory core subject at GCSE level and Scottish equivalent. There is currently no option to do this, the closest options given at this level are either ‘citizenship’ or ‘modern studies’ …

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The US and Cuba – A Big Win for Diplomacy

US and Cuban flags. Photo source: Day Donaldson via Flickr Creative Commons.

More than half a century had to pass before the US and Cuba reopened their respective embassies and started to work towards fostering amiable and cooperative relations. The diplomatic breakthrough was a result of both the political will of Barack Obama and Raul …

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Is Cyprus ready for a solution?

Divided Cyprus. Photo Source: Golbez via Wikimedia Commons.

Despite a plethora of concerns about the successful resolution of the Cyprus Problem, the conflict has reached its ripeness and Cypriots are ready to open a new chapter in the island’s history.

A brief background on the Cyprus Problem

The island of Cyprus has been divided since …

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The Foreign Policy Motives Behind the US and Cuba’s Historic Agreement

Photo Source: Vardion/Rei-artur via Wikimedia Commons.

President Obama’s announcement of new measures that will thaw relations between the US and Cuba is both long-overdue, and a canny foreign policy ploy by the White House.

For President Obama, with two years remaining in office, a landmark move with respect to Cuba will help buttress a liberal legacy …

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The Changing Landscape of Academic Exchange

Photo Source: John via Flickr Creative Commons.

In the 68 years since its inception, Fulbright has sent more than 325,400 students, scholars, researchers, journalists, artists, and other professionals around the globe to pursue their passions, exemplifying the United States’ warm embrace toward public diplomacy. According to the annual Open Doors Report, a collaboration between the …

A Rusting Symbol of Integrity: The rapidly depleting Sierra Madre in the contested Second Thomas Shoal continues to be inhabited by Filipino Forces with Chinese vessels stationed only a few hundred yards away. USS Harnett County. Mdhennessey via Wikimedia Commons
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Communication Over Condemnation: The Unecessary Option of International Arbitration in the South China Sea Dispute


Nine-dotted line (highlighted in green) as claimed by the P.R China – US CIA – Wikipedia

Territorial disputes between China and member states of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the South China Sea are neither a novel nor infrequent phenomenon. Nevertheless, two incidents involving China with the Philippines and Vietnam respectively …

Source: US Mission to Geneva, Eric Bridiers on Flickr
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Power Play: US Foreign Policy under United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power

Photo Source: US Mission to Geneva via Flickr.

In her Pulitzer Prize-winning book A Problem from Hell, Samantha Power argued that the United States has the responsibility to intervene when genocide is committed abroad, and she denounced the US government for its reluctance to combat or even condemn genocide. “When innocent life is being taken on …

Benjamin Netanyahu and Catherine Ashton. (© European Union)
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As final stage of peace talks approaches, Netanyahu must play his cards right

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. Photo Source: European Union via Flickr.

Netanyahu’s absence at Mandela’s funeral – let alone the reason he chose to give by saying it would be “too costly” – is just the latest of a series of events highlighting the increasingly …