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#NotABugSplat: Art as effective resistance to drone strikes in Pakistan?

The #NotABugSplat installation as seen from a drone. Reprinted with permission from #NotABugSplat.

In a previous article for Future Foreign Policy, I discussed the psychological impact of drone vision – the imagery relayed to the drone pilot via drone camera – and what features of it renders killing-by-drone simultaneously simple and complicated. One aspect considered, …

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Do Drone Pilots Really Find It Easier To Kill?

Predator UAV taking off, Cpl Scott Robertson/MOD via Wikimedia Commons

In Creech Air Force, Nevada, pilots sit in dimly lit cargo containers and fly drones. Via sophisticated video cameras attached to the underbody of the drone, pilots can watch over large areas of territory, identify potential insurgents, and kill them with hellfire missiles.

Distance in war …