Balogun market; the biggest market in west Africa!
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Will Nigeria Replace “the Oil curse” with “Agriculture curse”

Balogun market; the biggest market in west Africa

As oil price continues to drop, Nigeria is still struggling to stabilize the economy and could turn to biggest contributed to the GDP; agriculture to rescue the economy.Despite the dependency on oil, Nigeria is fundamentally an agricultural country, at least in terms of the population working on the …

Dustbin estate
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Why Economic Growth and Inequality and Poverty co-exist in Africa

Dustbin estate slum in Lagos

Following Jeffery Sach’s ‘the end of poverty and Bill Easterly’s ‘the white man’s burden’, Paul Collier presents another perspective on the causes of poverty and what can be done about it, in ‘the bottom billion’. In it Paul Collier breaks down the cause of poverty into four categories; conflict, natural …