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Shale Gas Can Break Cycle of Autocracy in Middle East

Modern statecraft often has a fine line between the optimal outcome and a morally questionable one. Nowhere is this dilemma more apparent than in the Middle East – specifically the Gulf. It is unfortunate that nations like America and Britain, with proud histories of individual freedom and human rights, can be allied to oil dictators …

Trans Adriatic Gas  Pipeline  Map, Genti77 via        Wikicommons
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The changing landscape for Energy in Europe

Trans Adriatic Gas Pipeline Map, Genti77 via Wikicommons

During the last months major changes have been taking place in the sector of energy security strategy in the European continent. While the EU has adopted a framework for its energy strategy until 2030, quickly changing international developments have created a sense of urgency to act. Various …

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The Future’s Bright; The Future’s Green. (Or at Least it May Be).

Is it too idealistic to believe that sustainable economies can lead to a more equal global society? Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is an increasingly consistent rhetoric among some leading politicians and policy makers that there is huge potential of green industries to develop and create jobs within green economies. This is of course an attractive …

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The Great British Energy Crisis

Chapelcross Cooling Towers – via Flickr

The UN Climate Change Summit 2014 marked an important milestone for the future of UK energy policy, as indeed it did across the globe with renewed promises to cut total emissions by 80% by 2050 and to instigate a collective move towards Nuclear and Renewable energy. Whilst the UK …

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European Union versus Russia

EU President José Manuel Barroso and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo source: www.kremlin.ru via Wikimedia Commons.

Russia and Europe have always had their differences. However, given the globalised world that we live in, one would have thought that Russia and the West may finally put to bed their historic hostility towards each other and cooperate …