Our Storytelling Crisis

The Big Bad Wolf is the archetypal antagonist: predatory, menacing, sly and ruthless. These traits are only made more prominent when juxtaposed against innocence personified, the Three Little Pigs or Little Red Riding Hood. Fairytale it may be, but dangerous dichotomies – villain:hero; them:us; bad:good – are increasingly pervasive in our society.

Such reductive and politicised …


Gaming for Good: Civic Education in the Age of the VR Console

Jaw agog and eyes glazed, junk food wrappers strewn across the floor, pulled blinds desperately barring any sunshine from penetrating the room. This is the caricature of the teenage gamer’s habitat; shutting out the world outside in favour of another inside – a fictional reality where mindless hours are spent wasted in front …


Future United Winner: Connective Realities

Empowering young people to be global citizens through immersive technologies.

Connective Realities provides creative forms of civic education for young people. They connect experts and enthusiasts from the fields of immersive technology, international relations and primary education.  Together, they create a platform of resources that young people and educators can engage with to tackle global challenges.  This empathic network …

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Stopping the Post-Brexit Brain Drain

Britain’s economic welfare is heavily dependent on its trade within the EU. Indeed, it was principally for the economic benefits of being in the free trade area that Britain took up membership in 1973. Since then, the British economy has undergone transformation that has seen London rise to the summit of the financial sector. It …

Night, industry, rails (
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Brexit: an opportunity for industrial regeneration

Night, industry, rails (

The decision of the people of the UK to leave the European Union was somewhat unexpected and wholly transformative, one way or another. Political circumstances, including the scale of the democratic mandate, dictates that there can be no backsliding from ‘’Brexit’’. The challenge is instead to establish the path forward to …

Edinburgh Students Protest in London (
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To stop young British voters being outvoted we need a new political choice

Edinburgh Students Protest in London (

Turnout amongst younger voters in the EU referendum was much lower than their parents and grandparents. The most generous figure for the turnout of 18-24 year olds was the LSE’s 64%. If accurate, it seems more young people were engaged by the question of Brexit than any recent general …

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Too Early to Declare Nationalism Resurgent

As post mortems of Britain’s decision to leave the EU have emerged, a particularly compelling and convincing explanation of the result is the resurgence of nationalism.

Nationalism is a notoriously complex phenomenon, but it was perhaps best summarized by the philosopher Ernest Gellner as the “political principle…that the political and the national unit should be …

EU referendum breakdown
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Bridging the Globalisation Gap

EU referendum breakdown

A number of British people who voted to leave in the EU referendum did so because they felt the system no longer works for them. These people live in areas that have not benefited from globalisation in the same way cities such as London have. Now these areas no longer see …

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Britain Must Heed Chilcot’s Lessons for Remote Warfare

The Chilcot Report may have been written with a focus on the conventional methods of war used in Iraq; however, the government must heed its warnings as the UK becomes ever more reliant on covert, remote means of warfare.

The Chilcot Report marked a landmark moment in addressing the problems with UK military strategy during the …

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Does Blair Deserve the Blame for Iraq?

The much-awaited Chilcot Inquiry, published on 6 July, was ultimately anticlimactic. It confirmed most of what we knew already: that the Iraq War was misguided and poorly handled. Condemning the aims and methods of the war, the faulty intelligence that provoked it, and the lack of strategic plan for its aftermath, Sir John Chilcot presented an …