By Pete Souza -, Public Domain,

How should Foreign Leaders approach contentious Political Issues in other countries? Two perspectives.

By Pete Souza –, Public Domain,

Barack Obama recently intervened in the UK’s debate over membership of the EU, arguing in favour of Britain remaining a member. But in an increasingly globalised world, how should foreign leaders approach national questions such as this?

Proceed with caution: a balanced approach is key – Sam Fearnley

It …

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The Paradox of Global Cities

Global cities are becoming a more important part of international politics, but do our leaders fully realise their implications?  While states still hold military power, global cities are starting to siphon off economic powers, calling into question not only competing economic interests between global cities and their host countries, but also issues of citizenship and identity.  

Global …

Wounded civilians arrive at a hospital in Aleppo. Photo source: Voice of America News: Scott Bob reports from Aleppo, Syria via Wikimedia Commons
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Syria: Are there any Options?

Wounded civilians arrive at a hospital in Aleppo. Photo source: Voice of America News: Scott Bob reports from Aleppo, Syria via Wikimedia Commons

It seems that not a day goes by without news of fresh tragedy in Syria. Reports have emerged that Islamic State may have been responsible for chemical weapons attacks, two years after …

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Ukraine: diplomacy is the only route to achieve security.

Barack Obama and Vladmir Putin at the G8 Summit (2013) – Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons

In this article we seek to examine the causes and consequences of why Ukraine has erupted into a civil war which is torn by identity politics in Crimea.  There is one significant factor that must be examined: diplomacy.  More …

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What to do about the “old bulge”

Old men of Portugal by Curtis Foreman (Flikr Commons)

This article will outline what the “old bulge” means and suggests some ways in which the challenges it presents can be dealt with by giving old people independence and allowing them to contribute to society.

The “old bulge”

Due to falling fertility rates and higher survival of …

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International Relations dialogue and Sub-Saharan Africa: why the silence?

Education. Photo Source: Javier Corbo via Flickr Creative Commons.

A search on Google Scholar using the search term ‘Middle East’ returns 3.5 million results; ‘North Africa’ 2.9 million; ‘Europe’ 4.7 million. In contrast, a search for ‘Sub-Saharan Africa’ returns just 660,000, posing an important question for international relations scholars: why is there such …

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Hillary Sidelines Her Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton in Des Moines, Iowa on June 14, 2015 – Gregory Hauenstein via Flickr Creative Commons

On Saturday June 13, Hillary Clinton officially kicked off her presidential campaign at a rally in New York City. Though very little of her time was spent on foreign policy or her experience as Secretary of State, her …

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The changing reality of resource-based conflicts

By Paul Farley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Conflicts are not a new phenomenon, and people have been fighting each other since the inception of humanity. The only thing that has changed are the size of respective forces, available technology, and the reasons for the conflict. There has never been a shortage of reasons, …

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Gender Equality in the Czech Republic: the EU and its ‘Fancy Coat’

To what extent has the EU been effective in promoting gender equality in the Czech Republic, since its accession in 2004?

The extent to which the EU has fulfilled its pledge to spread and promote gender equality within its member states during the 2004 enlargement process is debatable. The case of the Czech Republic, a state that slipped …