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China-Japan Tensions Need to be Taken Seriously

Photo source: BehBeh via Wikimedia Commons.

The violent response in Vietnam to Chinese and Taiwanese businesses after China began drilling for oil in disputed maritime areas is just the latest in a long line of skirmishes and rising tensions in East and Southeast Asia. Where these concern the bilateral territorial disagreements between China and Japan, there is …

This symbol represents net neutrality.
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The Global Implications of US Internet Regulation

Symbolizing net neutrality. Photo source: Camilo Sanchez via Wikimedia Commons.

The United States has long been at the forefront of managing the Internet. Since this technology’s earliest days, US government regulation has created a competitive environment that inspires online innovation. In May, however, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved plans to seek controversial new rules for …

Vladimir Putin
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Understanding Russia

Vladimir Putin. Photo Source: via Wikimedia Commons.

On 18th of March, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech to Russian parliamentarians, putting forward his case for why he is supporting Crime’s choice to join the Russian Federation. His speech was passionate and at times emotional, pushing the right buttons that touched the souls of many …

Benjamin Netanyahu and Catherine Ashton. (© European Union)
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As final stage of peace talks approaches, Netanyahu must play his cards right

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. Photo Source: European Union via Flickr.

Netanyahu’s absence at Mandela’s funeral – let alone the reason he chose to give by saying it would be “too costly” – is just the latest of a series of events highlighting the increasingly …

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After the Shutdown, American-Style Democracy Is a Hard Sell

Photo: Flickr user reivax via Wikimedia Commons

After 16 days of shutdown and repeated threats of debt default, the United States faces its greatest challenge yet to American foreign policy: its own inability to manage the US government and economy responsibly. October’s last-minute race to clumsy bipartisanship demonstrates a perceived failure in US democratic institutions, …