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Stopping the Post-Brexit Brain Drain

Britain’s economic welfare is heavily dependent on its trade within the EU. Indeed, it was principally for the economic benefits of being in the free trade area that Britain took up membership in 1973. Since then, the British economy has undergone transformation that has seen London rise to the summit of the financial sector. It …

Protestors march in opposition to the Free Trade Agreement, b.wu via Flickr creative commons
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The Colombian Free Trade Agreement: Exposing the Facade

Protestors march in opposition to the Free Trade Agreement, b.wu via Flickr creative commons

Colombia is a country on the rise. Lauded by the West as an example of how a country can overcome internal strife and civil conflicts by embracing neo-liberalism and free-trade capitalism, welcoming multi-national corporations, collaborating with the US against drug gangs, …

A Rusting Symbol of Integrity: The rapidly depleting Sierra Madre in the contested Second Thomas Shoal continues to be inhabited by Filipino Forces with Chinese vessels stationed only a few hundred yards away. USS Harnett County. Mdhennessey via Wikimedia Commons
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Communication Over Condemnation: The Unecessary Option of International Arbitration in the South China Sea Dispute


Nine-dotted line (highlighted in green) as claimed by the P.R China – US CIA – Wikipedia

Territorial disputes between China and member states of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the South China Sea are neither a novel nor infrequent phenomenon. Nevertheless, two incidents involving China with the Philippines and Vietnam respectively …

The North American Free Trade Agreement. Courtesy of TheMexicanGentlemen, via Wikimedia Commons
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Beyond NAFTA: evaluating FTAs in Mexico and Colombia

The North American Free Trade Agreement. Photo source: TheMexicanGentlemen via Wikimedia Commons.

The distinguished Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington described Mexico as a ‘torn country’. Torn because of its cultural and linguistic attachment to Latin America on the one hand, and on the other, its geographic and economic alignment to the United States. NAFTA, the trilateral North …