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TNCs: Human Rights responsibility

Exxon Valdez Cleanup via Wikimedia Commons

Almost forty years ago, given the then recently discovered importance of transnational corporations (TNCs), UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) resolution 1908 (LVII) determined the need to negotiate a UN Code of Conduct of TNCs and created the United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations (UNCTC). The Code …

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Is EU Aid in Palestine a Violation of International Law?

Jerusalem – Cycling Man via Flickr


In March 2015 Israel demolished 200 EU aid funded shelters in East Jerusalem, predominantly housing those from the Bedouin community. These shelters are built as a result of one of many EU humanitarian aid projects, funded by member states, designed for the benefit of victims of natural disasters or …

Gender and MDG's Infographic via United Nations Website
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Gender Goals for International Law in 2015

Gender and MDG’s Infographic via United Nations Website

2015 marks the end of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG). 8 goals were determined at the end of the 2000 UN Summit where all member states pledged to try and achieve these goals by 2015. The third goal saw the international community commit to pursuing gender equality …

Takver via Wikimedia Commons
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The Controversy of Economic Sanctions

Takver via Wikimedia Commons

Economic sanctions seem to be a very controversial issue. Quite often they are considered to be one of the best ways to coerce a country and violator of international norms and principles into abiding by the rules. The South African Republic might be a proof for this assumption. Here the policy …

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US Spying Row: Decisions for Rousseff and Peña Nieto

Photo Source: Agência Brasil, under the Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0 Brazil, via Wikimedia Commons.

The decision by Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff to postpone her official state visit to Washington this October conveys that her country believes it is now able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s most powerful nation. Brazilian pride has …

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Challenges to International Law

Palestine’s retreat from the ICC challenges the legitimacy of international law. Photo Source.

The recent Palestinian retreat from exploring the possibility of taking Israel to the Hague for crimes against humanity serves a blow to international law. The function of law, and of international law in particular, is in my view to aim for predictability. …