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The Battle of Libya

Libyan Militia – E. Arrott via Wikimedia Commons


The Situation in Libya and negative international response to the political and security chaos threatens the security of the Mediterranean and Sahara and its influence extends to Syria.

Oil and gas wealth were and still are the pillars of Libya during the Qaddafi regime and the current civil …

Map of Georgia via ChrisO on Wikimedia Commons
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The Lines On The Map And Why They Matter.

de l’Isle globe, 1765 -courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society via Wikimedia Commons

From finding our way, to simple curiosity; maps are tools which have been used by humans for thousands of years. With advances in satellite technology, it is now possible to create a map with near pixel perfect accuracy. Yet, whilst the geographical …

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Inequality, Radicalisation and the Threat of Returning Jihadists

Tours rally in support of the victims of the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting. Source: Kévin Couette via Wikimedia Commons.

The attacks on the Charlie Hebdo’s offices on 7 January 2015 brought light onto issues and challenges facing contemporary European societies. Even though the main themes to the attacks were the underlying value of freedom of …

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Why We Need To Keep An Eye On Belarus


Lukashenko in Minsk – 2014 – My Life the Universe & Everything via Flickr Creative Commons

Whatever the outcome of the current Ukrainian Crisis, further questions will remain about the European geopolitical situation. In particular, what will happen to Belarus, Ukraine’s more easterly loyal neighbour, and “Europe’s last dictatorship.” It seems clear, that after Russia …

Chinese Marines prepare for an exercise.
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Hard or Soft Power: China’s Conundrum

Statue of Confucius in Nanjing – Kevinsmithnyc via Wikimedia Commons

China faces a conundrum. Its economic might is growing at a rapid pace. Indeed, in some measures of economic wealth, China will overtake the United States later this year in economic output.  But this poses a problem. How does China leverage this newly found economic …

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Is Britain Ready for the New Frontier.

The Navy has Alfred Thayer Mahan, The Air Force has Giulio Douhet and John Warden whilst the Army has Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. The domain of space has….well no-one.

There is no one figure that stands out as redefining the way military forces can utilize space to their advantage. For some this may be a good …

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The geopolitical reality of the South Caucasus

The South Caucasus – the region of three very different countries, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia has always been on the outskirts of different empires throughout history – Sassanids, Byzantine, Arab Caliphate, Seljuks, Mongol empire, Turkman-led Safavids, Ottomans, Tsar Russia and finally the Soviets. The region has continuously shifted its attention …

NATO flag
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Why Do We Still Need NATO?

As the heads of NATO states gathered in Newport to review the organisations security priorities going forward, a wider question hung s in the air that is far more fundamental than the specific level of sanctions to impose on Russia. What is NATO for anymore? Is it a meaningful institution that really increases our security, …

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Bulgaria’s Soviet Past is not set in Stone

In Sofia, monuments to the Soviet Army have been vandalised a number of times – this Pop Art version of a statue appeared in 2011 and more recently in 2013 it was been daubed in Pink paint. Паметник на Съветската армия via Wikimedia Commons

Last month, Russia issued a protest note about a vandalised Soviet monument …

South Caucasus
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The Foreign Policy Strategies of the EU and Russia towards the South Caucasus: Reformism vs Conservativism

Map of Caucasus region prepared by the U.S. State Department, 1994 via University of Texas

In my previous contributions to Future Foreign Policy, I have already suggested that the European Union (EU) is in a geopolitical game in the Eastern neighbourhood, building its position against a strong geopolitical actor – Russia. To understand this …