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Syria, three years on: Revolution, narratives, and solidarity

Photo Source: Freedom House via Flickr Creative Commons.

Conference Report: ‘Syria – Correcting the Narrative, Building Solidarity’, 21 June 2014, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Three and a half years since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, the ongoing conflict has left on the ground more than 100 thousand victims (the UN …

Takver via Wikimedia Commons
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The Controversy of Economic Sanctions

Takver via Wikimedia Commons

Economic sanctions seem to be a very controversial issue. Quite often they are considered to be one of the best ways to coerce a country and violator of international norms and principles into abiding by the rules. The South African Republic might be a proof for this assumption. Here the policy …

Courtesy of BehBeh, via Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Senkaku_Islands#mediaviewer/File:20100915Senkaku_Islands_Uotsuri_Jima_Kita_Kojima_Minami_Kojima.jpg
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China-Japan Tensions Need to be Taken Seriously

Photo source: BehBeh via Wikimedia Commons.

The violent response in Vietnam to Chinese and Taiwanese businesses after China began drilling for oil in disputed maritime areas is just the latest in a long line of skirmishes and rising tensions in East and Southeast Asia. Where these concern the bilateral territorial disagreements between China and Japan, there is …

The United Nations hold a memorial for those killed in an attack upon the UN headquarters in Abuja. Photo Source: United Nations Development Programme via Flickr Creative Commons.
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Nigeria: Moves and Countermoves

Port Harcourt Refinery in the Niger Delta. Photo source: David via Flickr Creative Commons.

In early April of this year the Nigerian Federal Government announced that Nigeria’s economy was the largest in Africa. The instantaneousness of the announcement owed to the first rebasing of Nigerian gross domestic product (GDP) since 1990, and revealed that the …

Armed police and vehicles on the streets of Urumqi in 2009. Photo source: Andrew An via Flickr Creative Commons.
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Leaving the Dragon Behind: The Threat of Separatism in China

Armed police and vehicles on the streets of Urumqi in 2009. Photo source: Andrew An via Flickr Creative Commons.

As the NATO deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan looms on the horizon, policymakers are posed with the moral dilemma of treating war weariness at the expense of a thirteen year campaign, $700 billion and numerous coalition …

US personnel part of the Air Force component of USCYBERCOM. Source: United States Air Force via Wikimedia Commons
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Cyber Warfare: The Militarisation of US Cyber Security Policy

The seal of US Cyber Command, representative of America’s focus on the military aspects of cyber security. Photo source: Department of Defense via Wikimedia Commons.

Prior to 2008, the issue of cyber security was considered a minor one in terms of foreign policy. The USA’s stance was simply to strengthen domestic networks against dispersed, small …

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Military Might, Military Money, And Now Military Politics: Sisi’s Play for Power

Photo Source: Secretary of Defense via Wikimedia Commons.

With special thanks to Professor Edward Roger Owen, E.J Meyer Professor of Middle East History, Harvard University

The BBC’s Orla Guerin aptly describes newly appointed Field Marshall Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s following as ‘cult‘ like. Thousands of Egyptians have heralded him as a saviour since he led …

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The Transience of Nationalism

Nationalism: a dated parade? Photo Source: Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution © Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The sceptre of nationalism, the bane of any politics student, continues to be as enigmatic and opaque as ever. In the study of international relations we see the nation barely, through glimpses in chinks of the state’s armour. …